March 3, 2016

Getting the Nursery Ready

Slowly but surely baby girl's nursery will be coming together.  As I said in the last post, at this point in my pregnancy with Lucas, his nursery was basically complete.  I must have been insane.  With Baby #2, I will be using Lucas' crib and just a few pieces of furniture.  I'm not going to really go with a theme for her room but just maybe try to keep a neutral and sweet color scheme.  I stopped by Hobby Lobby, Homegoods, and placed a Target order recently and here are the things I picked up:

I love pink and mint together so I couldn't resist those crib sheets.  And anyone who knows me knows I'm obsessed with collecting ginger jars so the bunny above from Hobby Lobby was a must.  The basket was a Homegoods find.

I love love these prints from Hobby Lobby!  Hobby Lobby was also having a 50% their art and framing this weekend so these were super cheap.  The Paris print is from Etsy.  I'm thinking I may do a gallery wall above her dresser and include the unicorn pictured below.

I was ready and set to buy the faux fur stool from World Market that's around $78.  As I was browsing Hobby Lobby, I spotted the stool above that is almost an exact of the World Market stool except I bought mine for a little over $25 since I used a 40% off promo!  Winning!

So Target completely nailed it with the new Pillowfort collection!  There were so many things I loved and still would like to get.  For Baby Girl, I bought the Unicorn head pictured above.  I'm thinking it will be part of the gallery wall to go above her dresser that I have yet to find.  For my Mr. Lucas, I bought the pillowcase and fox pillow below to go in his big boy bed.  I think he'll get a kick out of the fox pillow!

February 28, 2016

Weekend Photo Diary

What was suppose to be another Disney weekend ended up being an errands weekend since we are all still trying to get over a bad cold but thankfully we were productive!  If we aren't going to Disney or have something going on, we usually stay low and at home on the weekends since our week is usually busy.  Below is some stuff we got around to doing:

1. Baby Girl Stuff

My timehop showed me that on this day three years ago, I had Lucas' nursery completely decorated and about a billion outfits in his closet.  Baby #2, though...nothing accomplished :-(  We plan on using our guest room as baby girl's room since I refuse to give up our playroom.  The playroom is a dream come true!  During Lucas' nap on Saturday, I shopped my little heart out buying cute baby girl clothes and picking up things on her soon to be nursery.  I posted the photo above on my instagram and personal facebook page and too many people were telling me that they thought they were having a girl/boy and the baby ended up being the other.  Now, I'm so scared!  I'm thinking I should hold off maybe buying so much but baby girl stuff is so cute!

We also spent Sunday looking for furniture and organizing the garage in order to move everything from the guest room out.  I just can't believe I had Lucas' nursery completely decorated at this same point of my pregnancy with #2!  

2.  The Almost Threenager

My not-so-little Lucas is two and a half with 100x the attitude.  Holy moly.  He recently started pointing and saying NOW whenever he wants something and he fully knows what "now" means.  I sometimes can't believe how much he knows since he is just 2 years.  I love him but man oh man does he give us a run for our money.

3.  Jogging Preggo Style

Because I was so out of shape during my last pregnancy, I'm trying to be more active with this one so that my recovery maybe won't be so bad.  I've continued jogging on the weekends and my workout clothes are definitely in need to be maternity now.  Any recommendations for maternity work out clothes?

February 25, 2016

Grayer Days

What is this?!  An outfit post with real photos?  Why yes, my friends, I have crawled out of my hole and made half an effort to look human at work.  AND the bump photos are back, folks!  As someone recently told me, this pregnancy has kicked my butt.  You know those women that are only sick during their first trimester?  Yeah, I'm not one of those people.  However, I'm done with the pity party and am trying to feel better about myself.  What better way to make yourself feel better than throwing on a comfy/cute outfit, brushing your hair, and putting some makeup?  Hey, it works for me and I'll take it!

Sweater: Target  /  Pants: Old Navy  /  Shoes: Charles by Charles David ON SALE!  /  Bag: Tory Burch  /  Sunnies: Kate Spade  /  Necklace: Gifted (Similar)  /  Watch: Apple Watch  /  Bracelets: David Yurman

February 16, 2016

It's A...GIRL!

It's a girl!  We are soooooo excited to welcome our little princess into the world this summer!  Well, my husband and I are thrilled...Lucas...not so much.  He has been saying he's having a brother for the longest time.  We took him to our gender appointment and as he would say hi to the baby on the screen, he would also say, HI BROTHER!  AWWW CUTE BROTHER!  My heart was so full at that moment.  Baby girl was shy and kept her legs crossed so it took quite a bit of time to get a good look.  Well, it's time to get to shopping and you all know that won't be hard for me at all!  

February 15, 2016

Melisa's Bridal Shower

A couple of weekends ago, my mom and I hosted my sister's bridal shower.  She's getting married in Nashville in May and we are so excited to start of the festivities.  She's marrying Jeremy Groves who is amazing.  Jeremy and Lucas have such a wonderful relationship which warms my heart.  Many of Melisa's friends came to celebrate as did family from Puerto Rico.  We had a great time and I'm so happy for my little sister!

Melisa's Outfit is from Revolve (top and bottom).

I wore a dress from Seraphine and shoes from Jack Rogers.

February 9, 2016

Life Lately

So, it's been awhile...a loooong while!  The first trimester has kicked my butt and I'm just now feeling like myself.  Although I'm not 100% feeling back to normal, it is night and day to the sickness I had all of December and January.  I didn't just have morning sickness, I had ALL FLIPPING DAY sickness.  Since I work full-time aside and run around a toddler when I'm not at the office, I'm exhausted.  But, there is a light at the end of the tunnel and, thankfully, the only thing I'm dealing things I'm dealing with now are exhaustion, acid reflux, and headaches which are all a cake walk compared to adding nausea and vomiting to the mix.  Since I've been gone for so long, I thought I'd do a little recap of things happening in my neck of the woods.

1. Lucas' Surgery

January was also kind of hectic because Lucas had surgery which any mom can relate to my anxiety over the whole thing.  Lucas has been having ear infections since August and has been on and off antibiotics since August.  When he wasn't on antibiotics, we tried the three day shots method which also didn't work.  Selfishly, I was scared for him to have the ear tubes and adenoids removal surgery.  I didn't want my baby to go under anesthesia and have surgery.  Luckily, my dad is an anesthesiologist at the hospital where Lucas had the surgery and, although he did not administer the anesthesia, it was comforting knowing all the doctors working on him since they were close with my dad.  After his surgery, Lucas went down for a super long nap, and to cheer him up, we had lots of toys, movies, and milkshakes ready for him whenever he got up.  He literally woke up as if he did not just spend the entire morning at the hospital having surgery.  He bounced back running all around the house as if nothing happened and I could not have been happier.  Since he has had the surgery, he no longer has a perma runny nose and the continuous ear infection is completely gone.  We are so happy that our little boy is healthy again!

2.  Bump Watch

Top: Old Navy  /  Pants: GAP  /  Shoes: Tory Burch  /  Bag: Tory Burch  /  Necklace: Kendra Scott  /  Watch: Apple

Top: Nordstrom  /  Pants: GAP  /  Shoes: Nine West  /  Bag: Tory Burch  /  Necklace: Kendra Scott  

The bump is back!  Honestly, I feel like I popped so much sooner with this babe than I did with Lucas but I hear that's pretty common for your second child.  I'm already in maternity pants and wearing lots of tunics.  Since I felt pretty crappy for two months, I think I alternated between three outfits total, hence the lack of outfit posts.  I'm hoping this feeling better thing sticks around so that I have energy to make an effort into my appearance in the mornings.  Fingers crossed!

3.  Workin' On My Fitness

I'm trying much harder this time around to be healthier with this pregnancy.  I had a very rough recovery after having Lucas and I think a lot of it was because of how unhealthy I was.  I actually really love jogging and when I was nauseas, jogging was the one thing that would temporarily make the yuckiness go away.  Jogging with a belly is interesting but I've read stories of women days from giving birth running marathons so I'm not going to complain about three miles here and there.  

4.  The Happiest Place on Earth

We renewed our Disney passes and decided to make a weekend out of it.  Annual Disney passes has been the best ever.  Rain or shine, you just won't have a bad day at the parks.  For this trip, we stayed at the Swan and Dolphin hotel because it was walking distance to Epcot and had a character breakfast.  We wanted Lucas to see the fireworks at night but didn't want to deal with the craziness that happens with transportation once the fireworks were over so staying at a hotel that was walking distance was ideal.  We were thrilled with the hotel and the walk that took up through the Disney Boardwalk and to Epcot was amazing!  We got to go on a ride, eat in Paris, check out the fireworks, and walk back to the hotel easily.  The next morning, we had a character breakfast which was a first for Lucas.  We weren't sure how he would act with the characters coming up to him but to our surprise he was LOVING it and even gave Pluto a kiss.  We will definitely do more character meals in the future!  Lucas is really obsessed with Toy Story lately so meeting Woody was top on our list of things to do.  The line to meet Woody was almost an hour long and no fast passes available but the wait was worth it to see my little boy's face light up!  It was like meeting his hero and he's still talking about how Woody touched his nose.  I love Lucas' age right now and being able to converse with him.  Where he is at developmentally has made going to the Disney parks so much more magical since everything is so over the top with him.  Of course, we'll be back in the Magic Kingdom in a week or so but Disney never ever will get old.  It's the happiest place on earth after all :-)

That's it for now but I'm happy to be back to blogging!  I'm always active on instagram so if you'd like to keep up with, honestly, mostly pictures of Lucas and his toys/clothes, then make sure to add me on instagram at @maria683.  The account is set to private but that's so I can make sure those creepy role playing accounts aren't trying to add me.  

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