October 4, 2013

Faithful Obsession

I'm still obsessed with polka dots and I can't deny it.  I used to struggle with the thought of wearing polka dots to the office and how to make them look professional.  As a young attorney, it's important to me to always remain professional and how I dress makes a difference whether that's fair or not.  My love for polka dots is undying and some may think it's too busy to double up with the pattern but I like it.  

Sweater: Loft {similar}  /  Shirt: Loft {similar}  /  Skirt: Loft  /  Shoes: Nine West  /  Bag: 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target

October 2, 2013

Flower Power

Lucas came to visit me at work last week!  Our assistant buzzed my phone and said that there was a potential client in the lobby needing me to help them with a family law issue.  We do not take appointments this way so I thought it was odd but because I was on the speaker phone, I couldn't say no.  When I got to the lobby, she said there's your client and it was Lucas in his stroller!  We ate lunch together and hung out a little bit so my co-workers could meet him.  He even semi matched my outfit :-)  Although it was a great surprise, it was hard to see him go back home and me stay behind.  I'm hoping this working and being away from my baby thing gets easier...

Shirt: GAP  /  Skirt: Loft  /  Shoes: Nine West  /  Bag: Target  /  Jewelry: VeryJane.com, David Yurman

September 30, 2013

Statement Sweater

Is there such thing as a statement sweater?  If so, I think I now own one.  With the different patterns and colors going on in this sweater that I snagged on super sale from J.Crew, it's busy in a good way, I feel.  I love sweater season.  We, Floridians, don't have many days that we can wear jackets and coats but sweaters are the perfect in between.  In fact, it's very common for me to wear and see others wear sweaters and shorts together around here.  It's like we are fighting the warmth because we refuse to accept that we don't have normal seasons here... :-)

Sweater: J. Crew  /  Skirt: GAP  /  Shoes: Sole Society  /  Handbag: Target  /  Jewelry: VeryJane.com, David Yurman

September 27, 2013

Spotty Situation

My shirt, sweater, and skirt are making all sorts of weird in these photos so my apologies.  These were taken after a long day at the office since I haven't mastered the art of having a newborn and getting ready in the morning yet.  So, I'm finally getting into a routine and it feels good.  The weather is cooling down...well, that's a lie but fall in definitely in the air...okay, probably only in Starbucks but I'm jealous of reading posts about how awesome fall is.  I'm living vicariously through you all while sweating profusely here in Florida.  Ugh.

Shirt: Loft {similar}  /  Sweater: J. Crew Factory  /  Skirt: GAP  /  Shoes: Nine West  /  Bag: 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target  /  Necklace: Banana Republic {similar}

September 25, 2013

A Blessed Day

Lucas was baptized on Sunday in the same church my husband and I were married in and by the same priest that married us!  He was so well behaved but I doubted my little man would do so well.  I think I brought along three bottles, every blankie and pacifier I could find, and musical toys even though the mass was only an hour long.  I'm still nervous about being that mom with crying child.  He proved me way wrong though and mostly slept through the entire mass.

Lucas was also dressed in style!  When we got to my mom's house for lunch, we changed Lucas into a romper that my aunt/godmother had made for him and it was adorable!  For the actual baptism, he wore a christening gown that is about 60 years old.  My grandmother had it handmade in Spain for my uncles and my dad to wear for their baptisms.  After they wore the gown, I was the first of the grandkids to wear it.  I wore the gown as did my sisters and cousins.  Now, Lucas is the first of the great-grandkids to wear the gown. For being 60 years old and worn by so many babies, the gown was in excellent condition.  It was amazing to see my son wearing a gown that has so much history.  Thankfully, there were no accidents from Lucas.  I didn't want to be the first to literally christen the gown.

It was truly a special and blessed day.

My dress: Target  /  Shoes: Sole Society via Nordstrom  /  Jewelry: J.Crew {similar} {similar}, Stella and Dot, Jane.com, David Yurman, Alex and Ani

September 23, 2013

Put Me In, Coach!

Another Saturday in the South means one thing, football!  Lucas is obviously way too young to understand football so naturally, my husband went to the game and I took Lucas to the mall.  Naturally, duh ;-)  The mall was empty so it was a good way for me to ease into starting to take him out in public.  I have kept him cooped up indoors waiting for his vaccinations so now that he's in the clear, it's good to know that I can take him places with me.  Although, I had a stack of clothes on my arm to try on at GAP and this lil fool decided to act up so back to the racks they went and we left.  There are so many cute fall clothes out.  I feel like summer came and went for me because I was indoors the whole time.  I prefer fall clothing so it definitely helps that J. Crew, J. Crew Factory, Gap, and Loft are all running promos right now.  Dangerous...

Sunday was Lucas' baptism so we have had a busy weekend.  Pictures from Sunday coming up soon!

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