August 8, 2012

Sale Blues

I exceeded my monthly clothing budget with all these summer sales.  I did get some great deals so I'm in no way having the blues.  Sorry hubby I'm not sorry.  While I'm still confessing, I bought another bubble necklace in a state of stress even though I swore to you, hubs, that I didn't need it.  Turns out, I did.  Sorry I'm not sorry... ;-)

Shirt: Ann Taylor  /  Skirt: Banana Republic  /  Shoes: Ivanka Trump 'Gurdia'  /  Sunglasses: Chanel  /  Handbag: Marc by Marc Jacobs  /  Jewelry: J Crew, David Yurman, Macys

August 7, 2012

Fall for Neon

I petition to the fashion police and fashion gods to allow neon to be an acceptable fall color.  I'm impatient so I've decided to incorporate little bits and pieces of neon into fall.  It's still August but I'm already looking forward to fall weather, fall fashion, and college football!

Sweater: Loft  /  Dress: H&M  /  Shoes: Ann Taylor  /  Handbag: Louis Vuitton  /  Sunglasses: Chanel  /  Jewelry: J Crew, David Yurman, Target

August 6, 2012

Weekend Report

Outfit 1:   Shirt: Forever 21  /  Shorts:  Loft  /  Shoes: Target  /  Handbag: Chanel  /  Sunglasses: Dior  /  Jewelry: David Yurman, J Crew, Vince Camuto, Kate Spade
Outfit 2:  Sweater:  Old Navy  /  Shirt: Old Navy  /  Short: Loft  /  Shoes: Jack Rogers  /  Handbag: Louis Vuitton  /  Sunglasses: Chanel  /  Jewelry: David Yurman, J Crew, Vince Camuto, Kate Spade

I'd like for people to think that I get super fancy every day.  By super fancy, I mean putting on makeup and brushing my hair.  Nope!  I wear little to no makeup and a not so special bun in my hair 99% of the weekend.  

In other fancy related news, hubby has added some fancy new additions to my blog!  Check out the grab button and instagram features to the left!  It wasn't until yesterday that I looked through my instagram photos and realized that I take a whole lot of photos of my food and my dog...lawhosaher ;-)

August 3, 2012

Polka Dots Squared

It's Friday Friday!   Weekends really should be longer, don't ya think?

Sweater: Ann Taylor  /  Shirt: J Crew  /  Skirt: Ann Taylor  /  Shoes: Aldo 'Lillig'  /  Handbag: Coach 'Kristin'  /  Sunglasses: Chanel  /  Jewelry: J Crew, Vince Camuto, David Yurman

August 2, 2012

Minted Love

The love is still there for mint and it is strong people. 

Sweater: JC Penney  /  Shirt: Kohls  /  Pants: Loft  /  Shoes: Steve Madden  /  Sunglasses: Chanel  /  Handbag: Louis Vuitton  /  Jewelry: Ann Taylor, J CrewVince Camuto, David Yurman

August 1, 2012

Pattern Mixing

I'm linking up today with Marionberry Style's Trend of the Month which is pattern mixing.  I originally planned to wear a black skirt with this but I chose to wear pants and look at that, I managed to get myself all wrinkly again.  I think I need a steamer in my office.  Oh and I am wearing a necklace it's just hiding in the photos.  I like mixing different patterns together and have been staring at my closet more and more to see what else I can mix up!

I also wanted to share the gift my hubby gave me yesterday for our two year anniversary!  From the mr. to his mrs. :-)

Sweater: Ann Taylor {Similar}  /  Shirt: Nine West via Macy's  /  Pants: TJ Maxx  /  Shoes: H&M  /  Sunglasses: Dior  /  Handbag: Chanel  /  Jewelry: J CrewVince Camuto, David Yurman, Lorenzo via Prestige Jewelers, Kate Spade 'Mrs' Necklace

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