July 10, 2012

Healthy Obsession

Have I mentioned that I am obsessed with mint? Oh, wait...I have here, here, here, and here... that's a lot of mentioning.  Okay, I promise to not stop mentioning it.

Sweater: J Crew  /  Shirt: Kohls {Similar}  /  Skirt: JC Penney  /  Belt: Forever 21  /  Shoes: Kohls {Similar}  /  Jewelry: Michael Kors, David Yurman, Forever 21, Lorenzo via Prestige Jewelers  /  Sunglasses: Dior

July 9, 2012

Candy Stripes

Note to self: don't wear pink outside because the bugs like it and will bite you over and over and over again...happy Monday :-/

Oh and my hubby added a new "Outfits" tab under my header!  So fancy and techy he is :-)

Shirt: Forever 21  /  Skirt: JC Penney  /  Necklace: Zara {Similar}  /  Shoes: Payless  /  Sunglasses: Dior  /  Jewelry: David Yurman, Lorenzo via Prestige Jewelers  /  Belt: Kohls

July 8, 2012

Need Want Now: Clutches

July 7, 2012

Fresh Whites

For many many years, I have strayed from owning any kind of white dress or white bottoms because I am a pro at staining my clothes.  Up until this point, the only white dress I owned was my wedding dress.  When I saw this white dress at H&M and these white shorts at J Crew on the same shopping trip I thought, you can do this, Maria, you can wear white and keep it white!  Hopefully, this lady can keep this dress clean because it's such a great summery dress!

Dress: H&M  /  Necklace: J Crew  /  Clutch: Marc by Marc Jacobs  {Similar}  /  Sandals: Target  /  Sunglasses: Dior  /  Jewelry: David Yurman, Forever 21, Target

July 6, 2012

Caramel and Blue

Sometimes always, I feel extremely silly taking photos of myself outside with the possibility of others seeing me.  Although at times you can't tell by looking at the photo, I know when my expression says, "hey, neighbor, I see you looking at me taking photos and yes, I think it's kinda kooky too."  Hence my many, "omg, someone is watching"  faces :-)

Shirt: New York & Co.  /  Sweater: Forever 21  /  Shorts: Target  /  Shoes: Banana Republic  /  Jewelry: David Yurman, Alex and Ani  /  Sunglasses: Dior

July 5, 2012

Stings Like A Bee

It's odd going back to work after having a day off in the middle of the week...once again...not complaining :-)  It was actually a good break in between and makes the work week flow better for me.  I hope everyone had a safe and happy 4th of July!

Shirt: Loft  /  Shoes: Tory Burch  /  Belt: Kohls  /  Handbag: London Fog  /  Sunglasses: Dior  /  Jewelry: David Yurman, Macys, Banana Republic, Forever 21, H&M

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