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April 27, 2015

Tray Decor

Slowly but surely, I am emptying out the boxes in the garage and using old and new things to decorate our home.  Three things I have discovered going through my boxes and new bag purchases (shhhhh, don't tell the hubby!) is that I have way too much of and therefore love too deeply trays, ginger jars, and metallic decor.  However, my ginger jar and tray obsession is off the charts.  Most of my trays actually have sentimental value as they were either gifted to us for our wedding or are silver platters belonging to our grandmothers.  Then there's the Homegoods and Target treasures sprinkled in.  I happen to love home decor posts and/or blogs so I hope you enjoy as well!

In case you were wondering why I am such a weirdo and have a huge restaurant menu blown up and put on my wall, right after my husband proposed to me in Central Park, he took me to Tiffany's then we had dinner at Serendipity's.  It was such a magical night so we bought the menu the restaurant was offering that night and when we moved into our new home, I had the menu framed and put in our dining area.  

The tray above is a gold beauty I found at Target this weekend and the one below is from Hobby Lobby.  The Hobby Lobby tray was green so I spray painted it white so that it matched everything else.  

The two trays below belonged to our grandmothers.  If anyone knows how to clean silver, I am all ears!  These trays could use some cleaning but I don't want to do anything that ruins them.

Below is a frame I picked up at Hobby Lobby over the weekend which, of course, had to be mine because of the sweet doxie that looks like my Mia.  I spray painted the frame gold since the wood frame didn't really match anything else.  Love!

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