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September 24, 2015

Random Recent Purchases

I've been MIA this week because work has been absolutely crazy, crazy good, but crazy busy.  In fact, I haven't really been dressing up this week since I'm trying to be a drafting machine and needing to come in early.  So I've been trying to kill two birds with one stone by taking short lunch breaks and getting in grocery shopping, etc, done during my breaks.  Of course, I snuck in some fun purchases to break up the monotony.  Below is some random stuff I picked up this week:

I'm a humongous germaphobe and even receive huge container of antibacterial tubs for my birthday from co-workers.  I went to pick up some antibacterial from Bath and Body Works and saw these super cute antibacterial holders shown above and below!  They are so cute and I'm now obsessed with holders.  My favorite scent is Warm Vanilla Sugar which can be hard to find.  Of course I love the one that is hard for me to find.  I took pictures of all the holders on my bags and I snuck in a picture of a holder I got at Disney that Lucas picked out.  I wanted one that matched my Disney bag which happened to be the Little Mermaid but Lucas vetoed for Donald.  #boymom

I went in to Target for Drano but, as always, I left with much more.  Target is killing it in the home department!  I love the plaid cooking spoon and the copper measuring spoons!  How adorable is the binder and blanket too.  Target also had some Halloween washi tapes out which I just had to get for my planner obsession.  Oh, and I forgot to buy Drano.

I love the Pioneer Woman so when I saw pictures of her new collection at Walmart I knew I had to get my hands on it.  I just love love the measuring bowls and cup!  They're almost too pretty to use haha!  The pattern looks just like some of my Anthopologie stuff.  My Walmart didn't have the whole collection out so hopefully I'll be able to get the mugs soon.

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