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July 24, 2014

Lucas' First Birthday Party

I started planning Lucas' party little by little a few months ago.  We went with a "prince" and my mom and I slowly began gathering things in his birthday colors.  My husband made the awesome invitations!  I helped by putting the wax seal on the back but that was the extent of my help with the invitations.  We did a lot of crafting such as making the banner and the crown.  Since the day was for Lucas, I really wanted to make sure that there were fun things for him to do and for the kids and babies coming over.  We turned the patio into a playroom that had a water table, slide, tunnel, coloring books, ball pit, and a station to make a crown.  The crown station was a hit!  As for the smash cake, yeah, he was not so interested.  I basically had to place his hands in the cake because he did not want to get dirty.  Lucas played a lot, laughed a ton, and flirted with everyone.  Overall, a great time was had by all!  

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