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September 18, 2015

Won't You Be My Neighbor

It's been the longest week in all of the land and I wanted to brighten things up and wear this dress that I've had in my closet for awhile.  I've had my argyle sweater for awhile and it always reminds me of Mr. Rogers.  I have to admit that I was so stressed the entire day that I would stain my dress by food or pen marks but luckily there were no stains.  I have to count the little victories.  Happy weekend!

Dress: Ann Taylor  /  Sweater: NY&Company {Similar}  /  Shoes: Nine West  /  Bag: Louis Vuitton  /  Bracelets: David Yurman (Pearl, Amethyst, Buckle  /  Necklace: Onecklace c/o

October 16, 2013

Bow Necessities

Monday morning, my sister, Melisa, sent me the text below.  She lives in Nashville so she had no way of knowing that I wore a completely similar outfit to hers last week!  I had to share her text because not only was it random that we wore something similar but that she referred it to a Dainty and Decadent outfit! Ha!  Out of the four girls in my family, Melisa is the second born.  She was my maid of honor and one of Lucas' godmother's.  She has truly been such a wonderful aunt to Lucas and so have my other sisters.  Lucas is such a lucky boy to have have both sides of our family love him so much.  My sisters ask for daily updates of him and I gladly oblige...I mean, it's not like I don't take hundred of photos of him a day (those of you who follow me on Instagram know that I'm one of those moms!)  

Sweater: Loft  /  Shirt: NY & Co. {similar}  /  Pants: Gap  /  Shoes: Nine West  /  Handbag: Target  /  Jewelry: Alex and Ani, David Yurman, 'Lucas' Necklace

July 19, 2012

Purples and Yellow

I'm terrible with coming up with blog post titles so I occasionally ask my hubby for help and 99.9% of the time, I don't use his suggestions. Hence why most of my post titles are just names of colors. Take today's post for example...I asked him for help on the title and he says, "What's the name of that purple McDonald's character?" NOPE!  Not gonna answer that for ya hubs because I guarantee I'm not going to name my post after a McDonald's character!  So here I give you my Thursday post, purples and yellow :-)

Skirt: J Crew  /  Shirt: Loft  /  Sweater: NY and Co.  /  Shoes: Me Too 'Patty'  /  Jewelry: H&M {Similar}, David Yurman, Vince Camuto  /  Sunglasses: Dior 

July 6, 2012

Caramel and Blue

Sometimes always, I feel extremely silly taking photos of myself outside with the possibility of others seeing me.  Although at times you can't tell by looking at the photo, I know when my expression says, "hey, neighbor, I see you looking at me taking photos and yes, I think it's kinda kooky too."  Hence my many, "omg, someone is watching"  faces :-)

Shirt: New York & Co.  /  Sweater: Forever 21  /  Shorts: Target  /  Shoes: Banana Republic  /  Jewelry: David Yurman, Alex and Ani  /  Sunglasses: Dior

May 22, 2012

Cargo Pink

You wouldn't know that I live in Florida by the look of those super duper pale legs!  Although I can tan if I tried, I'm terrified of sun rays (obviously) and trying to find a self tanner that won't make me orange ;-)  Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Jacket: Forever 21  /  Shirt: NY and Co.  /  Scarf: Forever 21  /  Shorts: Target  /  Handbag: London Fog  / Bracelets: Tous, David Yurman  /  Watch: Michael Kors  /  Sunglasses: Gucci {Similar}

May 21, 2012

Shades of Blue

My hubby and I spent Sunday morning the best way we know how...sleeping in then eating breakfast at one of our favorite local restaurants, Sisters.  I love eggs benedict and Sisters definitely kicks it up a notch by adding roasted red pepper in their hollandaise sauce.  It seriously tastes so amazing! 

 Sweater: NY and Company {Similar}  /  Tank: Forever 21 {Similar}  /  Jeans: Joe's Jeans  /  Handbag: Longchamp  /  Sunglasses: Chanel  /  Shoes: Naturalizer  /  Necklace: Tiffany's  /  Bracelets: Handmade, Tiffany's, David Yurman

May 12, 2012

Brush Strokes and Bows

Whenever I go shopping, I almost always have one item in mind.  I'm incapable of just browsing stores.  I'm always on a mission for that one item that I have to scour the entire city for.  Hence why my hubby hates shopping with me.
The day I bought the Ann Taylor cardigan I'm wearing in the pictures, I said to the hubby, "I'm looking for a sweater that looks like it has a brush stroke design."  I know, I'm a joy to be around.  Needless to say, he went off on his own while I went on my search.  Not only did I find my brush stroke cardigan at Ann Taylor but it was on sale too!  I love it when that happens ;-)

Sweater: Ann Taylor  /  Shirt: Loft {Similar}  /  Pants: NY and Co.  /  Shoes: Ann Taylor {Similar}  /  Sunglasses: Chanel {Similar}  /  Bracelet: Coach  /  Handbag: Coach  /  Jewelry: Seiko, David Yurman

May 8, 2012

Blue Polka Dots wasn't until I started blogging that I realized how much I wear polka dots, bows, and stripes.  However, I'm not convinced that it's a bad thing to wear a lot of :-)

Sweater: Banana Republic {Similar}  /  Shirt: NY and Co.  /  Jeans: Old Navy  /  Boots: Famous Footwear  /  Bag: Louis Vuitton  /  Sunglasses: Chanel {Similar}

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