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March 26, 2015

Spring Must Haves

Shirt  /  Bag  /  Shorts  /  Sunglasses  /  Lipstick  /  Polish  /  Sandals

But let's be honest, my real Spring Must Haves are allergy medication, nasal spray, and eye drops.

September 6, 2013

Maternity Clothes Must Haves

I work an 8-5 (or longer) Monday through Friday job so wearing yoga pants my entire pregnancy was out of the question so maternity clothes were a must.  Most days, I still had to wear a suit or something resembling suit separates.  However, I told myself that I wouldn't buy too many maternity clothes and I stuck to this promise.  My belly popped out very early so I learned that with a few key pieces and using some pre-pregnancy clothes, I was able to dress myself professionally every day and get through my pregnancy with some style.  Below are just some pieces that were able to get me through the week and weekend while pregnant.  You do not have to spend a lot of money to get through pregnancy in style!  Some of my favorite places to shop for bargain pregnancy clothes were Target, Old Navy, and the sale sections of Gap and Loft.  Motherhood Maternity also has great pencil skirts.  Below is what worked for me but I'd love to know and read any of your suggestions on your preggo style :-)

1  /  2  /  3  /  4  /  5  /  6  /  7

I kept it simple by only purchasing basic pieces and accessorizing with what I already owned.  Most of the time, I wore dresses with a cardigan then belting the dress to emphasize the bump.  You know, reminding people that there was a baby in there and not 10 burritos.  Statement necklaces are also great to break up an otherwise simple outfit.  Heels were a no go for me so I wore the heck out of my black ballerina flats.  If you only buy a few maternity work items, I definitely recommend the above picks as those are what got me by and I literally worked right up to the day I was induced for labor.  I've updated my Outfits page for more maternity work clothes ideas using pieces similar to those above.

1  /  2  /  3  /  4

Now, most of the time I spent in lounge clothes but if I had to leave the house, my uniform was either a simple dress or shorts and a tee.  My shoes of the summer were definitely the Target Lavada sandals.  Comfort was key for me and especially in my third trimester, the less fuss the better.  I've updated my Outfits page for more ideas on weekend wear.

I hope these suggestions help any preggo mommas out there!

August 14, 2013

My Newborn Must Haves

1. Snugabunny Swing: We only just started using this swing because we were waiting for Lucas to have better neck control.  Although Lucas is an easy sleeper, now that he's waking up more during the day, I have him swinging for a bit if I need to clean up or pump.  He loves it!
2. Nuk Pacifier: We bought all different kinds of pacifiers but these are the only ones he likes.  My uncle, an orthodontist, bought these for him because they are orthodontic and Lucas loves them.  
3. Hooded Towel:  Lucas hates being naked (we call him our little 'nevernude') so wrapping him up immediately after a bath is necessary.  Necessary or else his crying makes me cry...I'm a wimp.
4. Britax Chaperone Car Seat:  As soon as we put Lucas in his car seat, he falls asleep and will stay asleep until we take him out.  Either we have a lazy baby or he loves his car seat!
5. Huggies:  We originally bought all pampers diapers however we were having lots of leaking problems.  I don't know if it is a "boy" thing or just a Lucas issue but after switching to Huggies we haven't had leaking since.
6. Dr. Browns Newborn Bottle Feeding Set:  We've used these bottles from the get go and Lucas has not had any colic nor gas issues.  He takes to the bottle easily and heard great things about Dr. Browns.
7. Simmons Kids Slumber Elite Bassinet:  Lucas sleeps in this bassinet at night and in our bedroom.  We're really happy with it especially because he loves it and will sleep for awhile.  Last night he slept for 5 hour stretches!  Woot woot!
8. Bob Revolution Stroller: Ugh, LOOOOOVE this stroller!  Seriously, this is the lightest and best stroller.  It's so easy to maneuver around in.  I can't wait to take it out on jogs too.
9. Summer Infant Bather:  We just started giving Lucas real baths and I love how this bather does not slip around.
10. Aden and Anais Swaddle Blankets:  These are just the cutest blankets.  I use them for everything from swaddling, wrapping, burping, car seat cover, etc.  I keep some in my diaper bag and pretty much every room.  If it's good enough for Prince George then it's perfect for my Prince Lucas!
1. Diaper Genie: What can I say?  Poopy diapers stink and this stops the stink.
2. JJ Cole Nursing and Feeding Pillow:  I cannot give enough positive reviews for this pillow!  My mom bought me this pillow after seeing how uncomfortable I was nursing due to the c-section.  The pillow has helped tremendously!  Not only do we use it for feedings but also to prop our arms on when we're cradling him.  I highly highly recommend this over other pillows that I also own.
3. Snoogle Pillow:  Most women use the snoogle during pregnancy but I just couldn't get used to it.  Now, it has been necessary in order for me to sleep.  The first week home, due to the c-section, I could not lay on my side.  I used the snoogle to prop myself up against and finally get a little bit of sleep.
4. Medella Pump In Style Advanced: I pump now and will continue to do so at work so I love how portable this pump is and that it's not too loud.
5. Bottle Warmer: My husband and I were at first were trying to warm the bottle from the faucet but we quickly got lazy.  Lucas is a really good sleeper but when he's hungry, he's hungry and will let the entire town know so we needed to have his bottles ready pronto.
6, Boon Lawn Drying Mat:  I wash a lot of bottles and parts a day and I really like the look of this mat.  It gets the drying job done while looking great in my kitchen!
1. Mittens:  My little guy likes to scratch his face and poke his eyes whenever his mittens aren't on so we keep these on most of the time.
2. Socks:  We love socks that look like completes the outfit! Ha!
3. Gowns:  Before Lucas was here I thought I would never use a gown.  They looked uncomfortable and baggy to sleep in.  Now, they are my favorite sleepers!  At 3 a.m., you want the easiest thing to change your baby in and for me, gowns are the best.
4. Onesies:  I had an imagine of me dressing my baby every day in the perfect outfit - shirt, pants, shoes, the whole complete outfit.  That quickly got thrown out the window after having three blowouts in a row.  Now, don't get me wrong.  I still try my best to pick out the cutest outfits for him but he's rarely ever in pants.  I must admit that I am a Baby Gap addict.  I always wait for Baby Gap to have a promotion and then try to just shop clearance.  They have just the cutest clothes and it's the perfect style for Lucas.

I'm sure I'm forgetting something, but these are my must haves so far.  I'd love to hear any recommendations though!

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