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June 18, 2014

11 Month Update and Old Lady 31

My love is 11 months old today and I'm an old lady at 31 today.  Okay, 31 isn't old but pretty cray that I'm over 30 now.  Eek!  Lucas is every bit of delicious.  He always has been but now he's more active, walking, talking up a storm, but the tantrums I could do without.  Yes, my 11 month old throws tantrums that puts Naomi Campbell to shame.  We're gearing up for his first birthday and I can barely believe it.  How has an entire year flown by so fast?  I love this little boy with every ounce of my being and watching him explore new things is one of my greatest pleasures.  

Shirt: J.Crew Factory  /  Shorts: J.Crew  /  Shoes: Target

May 19, 2014

10 Months Old

10 months old and I can barely stand it!  I can't believe that I'm almost done writing his updates.  He has such the little biggest personality.  He is such a smiley and happy baby when boy when those tantrums hit, whoa.  On Mother's Day, he started clapping and has not stopped clapping since.  It meant a lot to see his clap for the first time since I get sad thinking of all the firsts I may miss because I'm working.  He's standing up a lot but no walking yet and as of right now, he has eight teeth.  Yikes!  He's my favorite little guy and, if you can't tell, I'm in love.

April 23, 2014

9 Months Old

My baby is nine months old!  He is a babbling, crawling, eating, and sleeping machine.  His favorite things to babble are dada and baba.  No mama yet!  He has quite the little personality.  He dislikes when we take anything away from him which is always something that he shouldn't have been playing with in the first place.  To change his clothes and diapers should really be an Olympic sport.  Whoa.  It's a two person job because he is so fidgety and wants to roll and take off.  When he was in the NICU, a nurse told me that he had a spunky personality and boy is he really living up to that!  I absolutely love that he recognizes us and will scream/babble for us to come towards him.  It's still really hard to leave him during the day and especially now that he's on the move but I know this is for the best right now.   I say this all the time, but this is my favorite month yet!

March 19, 2014

8 Months Old

Yesterday, Lucas turned 8 months old and it's another month filled with milestones.  He's crawling so fast, babbling tons, and now pulls and stands up on whatever and whomever he feels like.  We've had to lower his crib since he was pulling up on the bars making this mommy very anxious.

He and Mia are now best buds, well in his mind.  Mia has been amazing with him.  He will crawl intently towards her and she will either jump on the couch or let him pet her.  She has never snapped at him but we always have a hand near her face in case she does.  But she has been such a wonderful big {doggy} sister!

Thankfully, he is still wearing 12-18 and some, I mean very little, 6-12.  We went through a crazy growth spurt early on so I'm glad he's getting more wear of his clothes now.  Soon, he will be taking his first airplane trip and any words of encouragement are greatly appreciated!  I bought new toys that he hasn't played with to hopefully keep him entertained.  He's also really liking Puff snacks so I will have plenty in hand.

February 18, 2014

7 Months Old

This cool guy is 7 months old today!  Since the last update, Mr. Lucas has started to crawl, eat solids, and on Saturday he said his first word!  DADA! Or more like dadadadadadada.  Which actually works to my advantage because if I'm exhausted and Lucas needs attention, he now yells dadadada, and I can now look at my husband and say he wants you.  

I decided to make his baby food and I am obsessed!  His favorites are sweet potatoes, bananas, and oatmeal.  He absolutely LOVES music!  

Since he was a newborn, the only song that would put him to sleep was Lennon and Maisy's version of Ho Hey.  Now, he is mesmerized by Jeremy Groves' Stay the Night and I love video chatting with my sister so she can see his reaction since Jeremy is her boyfriend.  He could be screaming his head off but the second you play either of these songs, he's completely quiet and will soon fall asleep.  However, on Sunday we learned that the Beatles Yesterday has the opposite effect...weird.

This little guy has quite the personality and has stolen my heart.  I can't believe he's already 7 months old...I may even be already planning his first birthday party...

January 22, 2014

Six Months Old

This past Saturday, my baby celebrated his half birthday!  I say this every time but, seriously, how is he already 6 months old?  He's now sitting up on his own, cutting more teeth, and reaching out for people to carry him.  I realize I might get cyber-slapped for saying this but my baby rocks at sleeping!  Since two months old, he sleeps from 8:00 p.m. until 8:00 a.m. the next morning.  I know, we're spoiled.  We have a bed time routine and he knows that as soon as finished his bath, a bottle is soon to come.  Hence why he gets fussy and fidgety while we're trying to dress him since he knows it's dinner time.  

We started rice cereal yesterday and he was indifferent at first but by the afternoon feeding, he was all about it.  On Saturday, we'll start feeding him carrots.  I've decided to make my own baby food and my husband sweetly gifted me a Baby Brezza and lots of baby storage containers.  Oh and not only will he start veggies this weekend but we are also planning on getting his first haircut!  I wanted to wait a year but his hair is so long that I'm having to tuck it behind his ears!

Lucas has always been very social and smiley but I love that he now reaches out for people to carry him.  Since he's teething a bunch, he reaches for anything to bite on, my jewelry and clothes included.  Since I'm not a big fan of showing up to work with a slobbery shirt or necklace, I'm so glad to have bought this Chewbeads necklace.  Lucas LOVES chewing on it and since it's a bright color, he gravitates towards it when I wear it and starts fidgeting for me to pick him up so he can start chewing.  I'm thinking of getting it in black or gray so I can wear them more often.  I love that it's functional and still looks nice for when I'm out and about with the baby.  Ladies with teething babies, I highly recommend these!

January 6, 2014

Five Months Old

Happy Three Kings Day!  So I'm way behind on Lucas' 5 month update!  Life has been fast lately and, I can't say it enough, time needs to slow down.  Lucas has grown into such a fun little personality!  He LOVES to smile and laugh so much that he gets hiccups and runs out of breath.  He's fitting snugly into 6-12 month clothing so he's pretty large and in charge.  He's really into playing and interacting with others so he's very much the center of our world right now.  The working mommy guilt is on high lately since he now realizes when he is getting dropped off in the mornings.  Plus, because I'm not emotional enough, my mom taught him to wave goodbye which makes me turn into mush as soon as I get in the car to drive away.  My mom also told me that when he started to cry a little during the day, she swears she heard him saying "mama, mama."  Tears, always tears.  Fingers crossed that I win a lottery or stumble upon an unclaimed lotto ticket because this working momma wants to be home.

Sweater: Old Navy  /  Pants: Gap  /  Shoes: Target  /  Necklace: Ebay
Lucas is wearing Baby Gap

November 18, 2013

Four Months Old

My baby is 4 months old today!  He has been so much fun this month.  Lucas has been so interactive.  He loves smiling and laughing with people which, of course, melts my heart!  He's very into toys, chewing on his fingers, and rolling around.  He discovered how to spit and blow raspberries and he does this all.the.time.  We read to him at night and although he does not understand, he's very interested in all the colors on the pages.  

Since he was little, one song would soothe him to sleep (Lennon and Maisy "Hey Ho").  Don't ask me how or why this song puts him in a trance, it just does.  My sister played this a bunch when he was little and, to this day, he still loves it.  He doesn't cry a lot but when he's cranky, we randomly put on Disney's Mickey's Clubhouse and he was mesmerized.  So...yes, at 4 months old, we let him watch A LITTLE television. 

We love how interactive he is with us and smiles when he sees us when we pick him up in the afternoons.  I'm definitely still having a hard time being away from him during the day while I'm at work.  I'm hoping it gets a little easier.  We love this little man so much!

October 18, 2013

Three Months Old

My baby is three months old today!  Ahhhh time needs to slow down!  I have a feeling I'll be saying this every month but this month has been the best!  He's gotten so big and his personality is really showing through.  Now that he's much more alert and awake most of the day, we've come to realize that we have a very active son.  Below are some of his monthly milestones.

I love his little hands!  In fact, so does he.  He's discovered his hands and loves stuffing his whole hands in his mouth.

Probably the biggest development is that he learned how to fully roll on his stomach and he is now a tummy sleeper.  The only problem is that he doesn't know how to roll from tummy to back so he wakes up screaming.  Ugh, any advice is more than welcomed!

He's discovered Mia and they love each other.  Mia worries when he cries which I think is the sweetest thing.  He also loves making faces.  He smiles and laughs so much!  It melts my heart to see him smile.

He now has a bedtime routine that involves bath, bottle, and bed.  He starts getting sleepy at the same time every night and will sleep for a whole 10-11 hours uninterrupted!  YAY SLEEP FOR ME AND H!!

Two of his favorites: Napping on daddy and clutching his blankie for dear life.  We both love the Aden Anais security blankets!

Check out this big boy sleeping in his crib!  He sleeps so much better and longer now! 10-11 hours of uninterrupted sleep and I am one happy momma!  I kept making excuses as to why he should stay sleeping in our room but H and our pediatrician convinced me to move Lucas to his own bed.  I selfishly miss him sleeping near me but he is sleeping better now and that makes me happy.  We removed the bumper we originally had in his bed and replaced it with mesh bumpers.  They came highly recommended from our doctor and are great for babies that like to stick their arms or legs through the crib bars like Lucas does.  Bumpers are controversial but I did my research before Lucas started sleeping in his crib which is why I removed the cloth bumpers.

This boy LOOOOOVES his Fisher Price kicking piano!  His favorite part is definitely looking at himself in the mirror.  He could stare at himself for hours.  I love this toy and highly recommend it!

September 18, 2013

Two Months Old

My baby is two months old!  Where does time go?!  Lucas received his vaccinations yesterday and although he cried a little when the shots were administered, he soon dried up his tears while my heart broke the whole day.  I had to go back to the office when I really wanted to be home and cuddling with him.  If these pictures are any indication, I smothered him in kisses all afternoon.  We were told at his appointment that he weighs 12 pounds 7 ounces and is 24.5 long...big boy!  I tried to put him in one of my favorite outfits of his but realized that he grew out of it.  Seriously, time needs to freeze immediately.

Lucas is loving music, kicking, and most of all...the ceiling fan.  Yep, the ceiling fan.  The other day, I went on a toy buying binge.  I was so excited to come home and see his reaction.  As I'm putting together his play set, I hear him laughing up a storm.  When I look over, he was cracking up looking at the ceiling fan.  Maybe I should have just hung string from the fan instead of buying toys so early.  I do like that the Baby Einsten toys I bought can switch to Spanish mode.  My little bilingual baby will be so smart!

Now that he's vaccinated, I'm excited to start taking him places.  In fact, he's getting baptized on Sunday!  I'll be able to leave the house with him and run errands.  One of my errands on Sunday was to head over to Target and check out the Phillip Lim collection.  I purchased the mini satchel I'm wearing in these photos and the large black tote.  It was madness that day!  

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