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April 26, 2013

27 Weeks Preggo Update

I've been so busy lately that I forgot about my one year blogiversary that was April 22!  It's hard to imagine that I've been blogging for a year since it feels like it's only been a month or two.  Thank you to everyone and anyone who reads my blog :-)  For those of you that read and/or comment, I truly appreciate all of your kindness.

On to the update:

I learned at my last appointment that my due date may be pushed a week earlier so I may actually be 28 1/2 weeks.  My baby shower is tomorrow!  I can't wait to see loved ones and celebrate little Lucas :-)

The last time I did an update was at 21 weeks and my oh my have things changed and progressed...

Weight Gain?:  I've gained a total of about 15 pounds.

Maternity Clothes?:  Same maternity clothes and, unfortunately, pre-pregnancy tops are no longer fitting well.

Symptoms?:  Lots of swelling so I'm cutting down on salt.  I have tons of rib pain which makes it hard to sleep.  More thirsty than ever.  I was having horrible tooth pain around 25 weeks.  I thought it was because of the pregnancy because I had gone to the dentist in October and no cavities were found. Well, turns out I needed a root canal.  Having a root canal done at 6 months, with little to no pain medication and numbness was awful.  Luckily, I didn't experience too much pain and it was more uncomfortable than painful afterwards.

Sleep?:  I'm only getting up once or twice but rib pain keeps me up.

Do I miss anything?:  Nope.

Movement?:  YES!!!!  He kicks allllllllllll the time!  I had to laugh to myself the other day because I was at a court hearing and he kicked from start to finish.  It was awesome :-)

Anything making you sick or queasy?:  I still can't stand air fresheners.

Food cravings?:  Nutella and apples, Japanese food, ciabatta bread with olive oil

Have you started to show?:  YES.

Boy or a Girl?:  Boy.  I thought I would have a hard time buying boy clothes since I've never done that before but now I can't stop myself!  Lucas may even have more clothes than his dad.  Baby Gap is my favorite store so far.

Best Moment This Week?:  My cousins and aunt are in town for my baby shower tomorrow!  So excited!!

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April 25, 2013

Dizzy Dots

I seem to name almost all my posts "dots" something.  I'm original.  I'm so flipping excited for this weekend because on Saturday it's my baby shower!  Family is coming in town that I haven't seen in awhile so I anticipate lots of laughs and good times ;-)

I've officially said bye bye to my heels.  I put on a pair of heels the other day because I had a court hearing and I couldn't even stand in them for more than a minute.  It's flats for me.  I read something the other day that some women's feet permanently grow half a size after pregnancy.  I'm truly hoping that this doesn't happen to me (not that it's the worst thing in the world).

Linking up with Tara of Mix and Match Fashion today!

Sweater: Loft  /  Shirt: Motherhood Maternity  /  Skirt: Gap Maternity  /  Shoes: Tory Burch

April 22, 2013

Bright Dots

It was a drabby and rainy Saturday but I wasn't going to let that stop me from getting on the move.  Saturdays are usually my stay at home, no makeup or fuss kind of day, but this Saturday, I had plans to go to brunch with other preggo ladies.  It was fun swapping stories over breakfast especially because we are all so close in due dates.  

I copied this outfit from MK at Outfit Posts.  I initially tried to button up my cardigan but that was laughable.

Sweater: The Limited  /  Dress: Gap Maternity {Similar Non Maternity} {Love this one!}  /  Shoes: Target  /  Bag: Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM  /  Jewelry: Eve's Addiction, J Crew {Similar Budget Friendly} {Love this one in rose gold!}, Stella and Dot, David Yurman

April 18, 2013

Abstract Greens

I'm linking up today with the lovely Tara of Mix and Match Fashion for her What I Wore To Work linkup.  As I've mentioned before, I'm cycling through maternity clothes and realize that I have settled on basics.  Lately I've tried to still wear my pre-pregnancy clothes but as these photos plainly show, this poor Anthropologie cardi is struggling!  Oh well.  Small price to pay for a (fingers crossed) healthy baby boy :-)

Sweater: Anthropologie  /  Dress: Old Navy Maternity  /  Shoes: Me Too  /  Jewelry: David Yurman, Stella and Dot

April 17, 2013

Leopard Lime

Aww, the Florida heat is upon us and my swollen hands and feet are so happy :-/  These shorts and sandals have been in heavy rotation lately.  I'm not typically a shorts kinda gal especially since those lovely pregnancy stretch marks are only on the back of my legs...not anywhere on my belly...only on the visible part of my body.  I've gotten great advice from you ladies on what to wear this summer to make it through the last stretch.  I've started using many of your suggestions so I'm very thankful!

Sweater: Loft  /  Shirt: Loft  /  Shorts: Loft Maternity  /  Bag: Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM  /  Shoes: Target  /    Sunglasses: Dior  /  Jewelry: David Yurman, Elizabeth Cole

April 15, 2013

Milking It

Even though this light cardi is navy blue, I was feeling a lot like Barney this day.  I'd catch a glimpse of myself in a mirror or reflection and think "Whoa! I'm huge!"  My husband will sweetly remind me that I'm pregnant but, I'm not gonna lie, I milk the pregnancy card when I'm pigging out.  This was the conversation that took place last week between me and my husband:

Him: What do you need from Publix (Supermarket)?
Me: Apples and Nutella
Him: You don't need Nutella.  We have half of a bottle left and an unopened one in the cabinet.
Me: No, I need Nutella.
Him: You have two jars left.
Me: Nope.  I ate them both.
Him: Oh...are you sure?  I checked last week and they were both there.
Me: Not anymore.  Get me Nutella.
Him: Alright...okay, I'm thinking and it was definitely just three days ago that I saw both jars in the cabinet.

Dress: Target Maternity  /  Sweater: Forever21  /  Shoes: Steve Madden 'Vegass'  /  Necklace: Banana Republic

April 12, 2013

Navy Polka Dots and Stripes

I really wish that more mainstream stores had maternity options.  I spent a good portion of my day adjusting/pulling this top down since the fit is off now that my belly is in the way.  My necklace was also being quickly swallowed up by my ummmm ever growing chest (very new to me!)  I've been remixing and using the different maternity clothes that I have with pre-pregnancy clothes which seemed to work.  Now, tops are just not fitting as comfortably unless they are loose cotton or side ruching (basically maternity tops).  I may buy a couple maxi dresses for the summer but I'm done buying anything else maternity since I'm already pretty far along.  Any ladies and mommas out there have advice on comfort during the summer months while 8-9 months pregnant?

 Top: J Crew Factory  /  Sweater: Ann Taylor  /  Skirt: Gap Maternity  /  Shoes: Ann Klein via Macys  /  Handbag: LV Neverfull GM  /  Necklace: Ebay

April 10, 2013

Spaced Out

Pregnancy hormones are annoying.  I'm the first to recognize that I can be a world class monster biotch and the next second be super sweet (well, to an extent).  What has caught me off guard though is pregnancy brain. Whooooaaaa.  For example, on Monday, I was looking forward to watching OC Housewives on Bravo.  I got my juice ready on my night stand, positioned my Snoogle, but there was still 5 minutes left until the show started.  I decided to watch another channel until Housewives started.  The whole time I'm watching this other channel, in my head, I'm thinking how much I can't wait to watch the new OC Housewives.  I look at my clock and decide to click over to Bravo and the flipping show is over!  I completely spaced out.  What do I decide to do at this point?  Cry. Cry.  I cried.  I cried because I spaced out and missed Housewives.  This was a pointless example but just goes to show how crazy town my hormones and emotions are recently.  Can anyone relate??  Anyone??  Just lie and tell me yes...

 Sweater: Ann Taylor  /  Dress: Old Navy Maternity  /  Shoes: Me Too  /  Jewelry: Gifted Necklace, Stella and Dot, David Yurman, Lorenzo

April 8, 2013

Stripes and Dots

Just, you know, testing the seams on my pre-maternity clothes and they're barely holding together.  My husband sweetly said to me the other day that if I really need more maternity clothes that he would be happy to go shopping with me...big mistake buddy ;-)  I obviously took him up on his offer and picked up just a few things that I hope will be enough to take me through these last couple of months.  Of the things I bought, one was a dress I'm planning on wearing to my baby shower!

Sweater: The Limited  /  Shirt: Target  /  Skirt: Gap Maternity  /  Shoes: C Label Hudson 10  /  Jewelry: Elizabeth Cole, Tous, David Yurman

April 3, 2013

Chevron Zags

My sweet and hilarious Titi Isabelita (titi is spanish for "Aunt") bought me maternity tops in December and I'm finally able to fit into them which makes me very happy!  I initially only purchased maternity bottoms and a couple of dresses but neglected to buy tops.  Until now, I've been able to fit into my regular tops but lately I've really been testing the seams.  I'm fully embracing my new maternity tops and the flexibility and ease they bring to my everyday attire!

 Top: Motherhood Maternity  /  Pants: Gap Maternity  /  Shoes: DSW  /  Jewelry: Eve's Addiction, Macys, David Yurman

March 25, 2013

Welcoming Spring

It was a gloomy and rainy weekend but I'm ready to welcome the breezy, sunny Spring weather.  I'm not sure how "Springy" my wardrobe will be this season because I'm not buying much of anything these days and my old clothes no longer fit.  I did break my shopping ban on Thursday by purchasing the sandals I'm wearing in these pictures at Target.

Since I only do my pregnancy updates once a month, I didn't want to forget that on Friday I started feeling distinct kicks!  Since then, he's been kicking up a storm.  I don't mind because I think it's adorable and I love that my husband can now feel the baby kick.  If you follow me on instagram, you probably already saw that I did some more damage baby clothes shopping for Lucas on Saturday.  Every one tells me to not buy too much because babies grow so quickly, but it's so hard not to!

On an annoying note, I don't use word verification on my comments because they can be annoying; however, the other day I received 20 "Anonymous" spammer comments within the span of 5 minutes.  Does anyone know of another way to block out these spammers without word verification?

Shirt: Old Navy Maternity  /  Pants: Old Navy Maternity  /  Shoes: Target  /  Handbag: Rebecca Minkoff

March 20, 2013

So Many Questions

I've become one of those obnoxious women that sees people with babies and runs up to them so I can ask a million and one questions.  Seriously.  If you have a baby and I'm in your vicinity, run away from me because I will talk your ear off.  I've been welcoming all advice, good and bad, because I'm new to this mom thing.  I also seriously pray that being a new mom will just come naturally to me but, in the meantime, I think I'll pester those around me.

On a totally unrelated note, do navy and black go together?  How's that for a topic change!

Sweater: Ann Taylor  /  Shirt: Gap Maternity {Same just different color}  /  Pants: Gap Maternity  /  Necklace: J Crew

March 15, 2013

21 Weeks Preggo Update

We went to our 20 week appointment last week and it was such an amazing day.  The ultrasound we had checked for the baby's weight, size, checking for any problems, etc.  Since we already knew our baby is a boy, my main concern was that he was okay.  Thankfully, our baby boy is doing great!  He is on the larger side so I was told my due date may be a week earlier which would put me at 22 1/2 weeks today.  I'm not surprised he's a big baby since I was born at 11 pounds.  That's right people, 11 flipping pounds!  My grandfather said I came out ready to start kindergarten :-)

The best moment of the ultrasound was when we saw him "eating."  It was so cute to see his little mouth moving and see him stretching his arms. In fact, he was moving so much that the tech was chasing him around with the wand and I had to then move on my sides to see if he would settle down.  The tech asked me what I ate for breakfast because she usually has to give women something sugary to drink to get the baby moving but not me!  I was too embarrassed to tell her what I really ate for breakfast...a piece of flan...I mean what else would you expect me to eat for breakfast?  I was an 11 pound baby after all.

Weight Gain?:  I've gained a total of 5 pounds thus far.  I'm positive I've gained 5 more pounds since last week or else I'm extremely bloated/swollen (TMI).

Maternity Clothes?:  Maternity skirts, pants, and dresses are my saviors.

Symptoms?:  HEARTBURN and ACID REFLUX!!!  I broke down and got a prescription because it was keeping me up all night and making it difficult to function during the day.  I'm also getting really swollen at the end of the day.

Sleep?:  Same as other weeks so I copy pasted:  "Yes and no.  I sleep in spurts of 2 hours here or 3 hours there.  My husband bought me a Snoogle but he seems to use it more than me."

Do I miss anything?:  Not really.

Movement?:  Lots of fluttering and moving from this little guy but I can't wait to feel a real kick!

Anything making you sick or queasy?:  I still can't stand air fresheners.

Food cravings?:  Japanese food, olives, and brownies.

Have you started to show?:  Oh yes.

Boy or a Girl?:  Baby BOY Lucas

Best Moment This Week?:  Seeing my little man "eating" and stretching on the ultrasound :-)

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March 7, 2013

Effortless Posting

I'm guest blogging over at Effortless Anthropologie today!  I hope you are able to head over to Roxy's blog and check it out.  Happy Thursday!

March 4, 2013


Sweater: J Crew  /  Shirt: Loft  /  Jeans: Gap Maternity  /  Shoes: Converse  /  Handbag: Rebecca Minkoff

This weekend, my husband and I accomplished so much for our little Lucas.  On Saturday, we (and by we I mean my husband) pretty much finished the entire nursery with just a few things missing.  On Sunday, we took a day trip to Tampa to visit my sister, Melisa.  Not only did she and my mom buy more cute clothes for Lucas but Melisa surprised us with a bag FULL of more goodies.  Pictures of Lucas' loot are on my instagram.  Lucas will definitely be one spoiled little boy :-)  I hope it was a good weekend for all!

February 24, 2013

Bump Style with DCinStyle

Words cannot express how excited I am about collaborating with Elena of DCinStyle today.  I've been an admirer of her art and blog for awhile.  She's so amazingly talented and created the art work above based on our photos.  This print is definitely going in my baby's nursery! 

Elena is also pregnant so we decided to both incorporate patterns and colors into our bump style for this collaboration!  I encourage you to visit Elena's blog so you can see how super talented she is and such a cute mommy to be!    

Dress: Old Navy  /  Sweater: Kohls  /  Shoes: Sole Society  /  Necklace: Forever 21

Here's Elena's Look:

Check out Elena's post here!

February 15, 2013

It's a...

(Crappy Iphone pic and awkward angle but oh well!)

Our boy was not shy yesterday and showed us the money shot easily!  I KNEW it was going to be a boy.  I just had a feeling.  As the oldest of four girls and always wanting a little brother, I can't wait to have a little boy running around!  My husband went a little nutty buying a bunch of clothes for his little man but it was awesome to see him so excited.  He walked around the office the whole day showing everyone the ultrasounds pictures.  Needless to say, we are thrilled!  I now pray and hope that my little boy, Lucas, is healthy and well.

17 Week Preggo Update

Weight Gain?:  I gained one pound since my January appointment.  Right after my appointment yesterday, I inhaled a thanksgiving style lunch then burgers for dinner so my next appointment will more than likely see a larger weight gain!

Maternity Clothes?:  Yes, yes, and yes.  Thankfully, I had some gift cards to use up and clothes that were gifted to me over the holidays so I think I'm set on maternity clothes for a while.  

Symptoms?:  Acid reflux and allergies but other than that, I feel great!  I'm so happy that, hopefully, the sickness has gone away.  I feel like my old self again.  I even started going to the gym which helps me keep up my energy.

Sleep?:  Same as 13 weeks so I copy pasted:  "Yes and no.  I sleep in spurts of 2 hours here or 3 hours there.  My husband bought me a Snoogle but he seems to use it more than me."

Do I miss anything?:  Not really.

Movement?:  It's hard to describe but it feels like popcorn popping or a fishy swimming around lol  No real kicks yet though.

Anything making you sick or queasy?:  Just smells still.  I can't stand air fresheners nor the smell of food!

Food cravings?:  Japanese food, cuties oranges, lollipops, bread, bubblegum ice-cream (even though I can't flipping find any! Ugh)...

Have you started to show?:  Belly is out!

Boy or a Girl?:  BOY!!

Best Moment This Week?:  Finding out that our little baby is a boy and giving him a name...Lucas!

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January 16, 2013

13 Week Preggo Update

I love reading bloggers such as Schnelle, Veronika's Blushing, or Perfection Possibilities pregnancy updates so I've decided to do the same and keep track of my pregnancy this way.  I think this will just be a monthly thing and I'll summarize the month instead.  I also loved how Merrick wore the same dress when she did her updates so I'm going to try to remember to do the same.  I'm a copy cater.  I own it :-)

Weight Gain?:  I lost weight when I was sick but I'm pretty sure I've gained.  I'll find out on Friday at our next appointment.

Maternity Clothes?:  I tried to fight this as long as I could but my bump popped VERY early on.  I had to buy maternity bottoms just because yoga pants aren't acceptable at my office nor in court.  How I wish they were...

Symptoms?:  Thankfully, the nausea has gone away but now I have some bad acid reflux.  I had reflux before getting pregnant but it is definitely worse now.  I find that drinking chocolate milk helps it get better.

Sleep?:  Yes and no.  I sleep is spurts like 2 hours here or 3 hours there.  My husband bought me a Snoogle but he seems to use it more than me lol

Do I miss anything?:  Soft cheeses, cold deli meats, sleeping throughout the night, sushi

Movement?:  I sometimes think I feel a heartbeat or movement but I think it's too early for that.

Anything making you sick or queasy?:  Smells!!  Oh my goodness, air fresheners will literally make me sick.'s air freshener.  The smell of chicken grosses me out too.

Food cravings?:  I mostly have cravings 'of the day' but lately cocoa krispies cereal, tomatoes, watermelon, strawberries, chocolate, and Japanese food.

Have you started to show?:  ABSOLUTELY!  It's crazy how early my belly popped.  Although I now love seeing the bump grow, I thought I would have a couple months to continue wearing my regular clothes but nope.  Belly is out in full force.

Boy or a Girl?:  Don't know yet but we finally decided on names!  The girl name came pretty easy and I love love love it.  The boy name was a little harder but we've finally decided.  So if it's a girl, I'll be calling her baby "O" until she's born or, if it's a boy, he'll be baby "L" :-)

Best Moment This Week?:  We're looking forward to our appointment on Friday and hoping that our little one is still healthy.

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