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November 2, 2015

Weekend Photo Diary: Halloween 2015

It was another busy weekend for us but we had so much fun trick or treating with Lucas!  He had a great time going up to houses on his own that he grabbed his pumpkin the next day and promptly took us to the front door in order for him to get more candy! I had a major mom fail moment and forgot to buy a plastic pumpkin for Lucas to collect his candy in so Saturday morning, I went to Target, Dollar Store, CVS, and Homegoods but all stores were sold out.   I ended up finding the last pumpkin at Walgreens and it had Mickey ears so it was meant to be.  But I'm saving that bad boy for next year to prevent another fail.  While at Homegoods, I picked up a pretty gold bamboo frame and the 100 pens Kipling case.  I love the pattern on the Kipling case and it's perfect to keep my daily planner/office supplies and then throw in my bag for work.  #plannernerd

Onecklace graciously sent me two more necklaces and I could not be more in love!  The monogram is the cutest little baby sized monogram necklace that I am absolutely smitten with and the circles on the other necklace are engraved with an "L" for Lucas and his birthdate.  LOVE!  I've been wearing these every day since I got them!

How cute was my little Gator football player for Halloween?!  Another mom fail moment happened when I couldn't find white leggings anywhere, didn't have time to order a pair, so I had to look into his too small clothes bin in order to find short leggingsish football pants.  He still looked adorable in his football pads.

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