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July 26, 2015

Longboat Key

I've missed you, Dainty & Decadent!  I was away last week but with great reason...I was on my first weeklong vacation since my honeymoon five years ago!  It was also Lucas' first family vacation where he was lucky enough not only to be staying at a beach front condo in Longboat Key but also staying with his Aunties Adri and Melisa, his abuelo and abuela, mama and dada, and my sister's boyfriend Jeremy (also referred to by Lucas as JJ!) AND, most importantly, he turned TWO on July 18!  TWO!  SERIOUSLY!  TWO!    

My family has been vacationing in Longboat Key, Florida since I was nine years old but I haven't been able to go since 2008 and I have missed it so!  We had a phenomenal time and I literally cried leaving.  Tears...real hot tears.  Lucas is definitely a beach baby.  We packed tons of sand toys and he had so much fun gathering sand and water all by himself that I was able to lounge on the beach chairs long enough to get a slight tan.  The water was warm, the weather was perfect, the food was awesome, and the company was even greater.  We had such a great time and it has me excited for future vacations!  I feel recharged and ready to tackle things.  I will definitely miss my time at the beach and will miss my little sissies and Jeremy very much so but it just means we have to start planning the next vacay soon :-)

Shirt: Chloe K  /  Shorts: Old Navy  /  Necklace: Kendra Scott

Lucas had a great time with his Abuela (my mom)

Isn't my sister, Adri, beautiful!  Lucas will miss his 'Titi' Adri.

Lucas loves his 'Titi' Meli so much and even asked for her on the way back home.  
It definitely made me tear up a little bit.

Here's the whole hang including the boys.

Have a great week!

November 22, 2012


This year, I'm giving thanks for:

1. This guy and that little girl...

My husband and I started dating in high school.  Since this time, we graduated from schools, moved away from home, passed bar exams, married, moved back home, traveled, started practicing law...we've been through so much and I can only hope that the next 60+ years are as amazing as the past decade and a half.  Together, we have an amazing life and family that will one day expand but for now, our cozy family of three (little Mia, the doxy) are as happy as can be.

2. These two crazy kids...

Aren't my mami and papi cute?!  They are funny, obnoxious (don't get offended, Mom!), caring, loving, and all the good things great parents are suppose to be.  Did I mention they are funny and not on purpose?  They taught and are still teaching my sisters and I so much that I don't think I will ever be able to repay them.  Love you guys!

3.  These silly little sisters...

They make me laugh, sometimes drive me crazy (as I probably do to them as well) but they are my little sisters and I love them dearly.  We've been through a lot but we are always able to laugh later.  I'm very proud to be your big sister.

4. That stressful thing I do every day called my job...

Yes, job, you stress me out but I can't imagine doing anything else...besides being independently wealthy of course ;-)  In all seriousness, it has always been my dream to practice law and now that I am, I have to remind myself sometimes that I am doing exactly what I've always wanted to do and that I'm blessed.  It might sound cliche but I enjoy helping solve people's issues.  I feel fulfilled and gratified and hope these feelings never go away.

5. YOU!

I first started reading blogs in 2010 when I was planning my weddings and stumbled upon a fashion blog.  I was hooked!  I thought about starting this blog back then but never got around to it.  Now, it is like my own little personal space that I never thought anyone would know about.  I never knew what the blogging community was until you, readers, welcomed me.  This is such an amazing community and I'm so happy to have connected with other bloggers and readers.  I look forward to coming home from work and checking my emails, comments, and your blog posts.  I've enjoyed "getting to know" some of you through your own blogs.  Basically, you are awesome :-)

Happy Thanksgiving!

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