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September 21, 2015

Weekend Photo Diary

We went to Epcot at Disney World this weekend and had a great time.  Epcot happens to be my personal favorite park.  While Magic Kingdom is the best for younger kids because there is more for them to ride, I love love Epcot and so does Lucas.  I love going around each of the countries to see the sights and maybe grab a little something to eat.  I, obviously, love France but my favorite place to grab candy at is Norway.  Norway is being renovated to incorporate Frozen and I can't wait!  Lucas was a little scared in the rides which was strange since he's gone to Disney so often this year and has never been even the slightest bit scared.  I think the darkness kind of scared him so I'm hoping that it's just a phase.  Other than that, Disney is a great place for us to go for the day since it really allows Lucas to get his energy out.

I'm sure you all know but, FALL STARTS THIS WEEK!  So of course, I had to do a fall themed week in my planner, duh.  HAPPY FALL! 

I'm not excited for fall...nope not at all.  YES I AM!  And my planner week definitely shows it.  

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