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June 23, 2017

What To Wear To Disney In the Summer

Shirt  /  Ears  /  Fan  /  Shorts  /  Sunnies  /  Magicband  /  Bag  /  Shoes

We live close to Disney World and end up at the parks every other weekend it seems.  The kids love it, we love, what we don't love...the weather.  Ladies and gents, it is hotter than a chicken's coop outside.  But we don't let something like the heat get in the way of our Disney fun!  

Back when we first got our annual passes and started going more frequently to Disney, I would wear just a random outfit.  One weekend, Lucas asked me where my Disney shirt was and that I should wear a Disney shirt.  Since then, I have fully embraced the Disney outfit - Minnie ears and ALL!  And honestly, it's just fun.  

High five to you ladies that can wear a full face of makeup and heels at the parks!  I require sneakers and comfy outfits.  In fact, I wear a sports bra almost every time I go.  

AND don't make fun of that Tinkerbell bag!  I have the Tinkerbell bag and the Ariel bag and they are seriously so adorable!  I also bring with me a diaper bag that I keep under the stroller but like to wear a crossbody to have things like my phone, Lucas's autograph book, and antibacterial soap and wipes readily on hand.

December 14, 2016

Christmas at Disney World 2016

Another Disney trip in the books!  We love living so close to the parks that we can just pop on over and spend the whole morning at one of our favorite places, the Magic Kingdom.  Lucas is at the perfect age to enjoy everything and I love experiencing that with him.  Little Miss Olivia also got a button since it was her first time at Magic Kingdom.  We went to Epcot when she was 2 months old since it's an easy park to maneuver and we weren't sure what Disney would be like with a baby.  Luckily, Disney is amazing and the babycare centers are top notch.  If you are ever hesitant on taking a baby to Disney, don't be.  Changing and feeding Olivia was a dream.  Not only are the employees there asking me if I needed any assistance, there's also a movie/tv room for siblings to be entertained.  In fact, when I had to change Olivia, I wasn't near the babycare center but there was a nice resting area under a tent where I could quietly feed her while my husband took Lucas on the Dumbo ride.  Disney truly is magical for people of all ages!  And Christmas time at Disney World, I mean, it just can't get any better than that.

September 27, 2016

Baby's First Trip to Disney World

I've been MIA lately but I'm still on maternity leave and having some much needed family time.  Olivia has had quite the busy week.  She was vaccinated, baptized, and visited Disney World for the first time!  Although she was going to stay home for our Disney day trip, we ended up needing to take her and although I was slightly anxious to take her so little, she did great and we had the best time!  

With both of my kids, we stayed at home pretty much 99% of our time because I did not want them out before receiving their vaccines and to give them time to build up their immune system.  I felt a little more comfortable to take her to Disney since she's received vaccines and because Disney has an amazing baby care center.  So those of you who are anxious to take little ones to Disney, don't be!  We decided to go to Epcot since it's a little easier to get to and we all wanted to go on the new Frozen ride.  Taking my children to Disney has been amazing and I'm thrilled that I have a little princess now to enjoy all the girly things Disney has to offer!  Although Olivia did not go on any rides, we met the characters at the meet and greet and my heart melted with these photos! 

April 11, 2016

Weekend Photo Diary

It was a busy busy weekend for us and it felt good to finally be up and about.  For the past couple of weekends, I had been taking it easy since getting lots of Braxton Hicks contractions.  I had an appointment last week with my doctor and learned more about what to do when the contractions come on so I've been slowly working up to do more activities but then slowing it back down a bit.  Since the weather was amazing, we decided to go to Epcot at Disney World early since it's leisure park and one of my favorites.  Thanks to our fast passes, we went on Lucas' favorite rides, Nemo and Mexico, took pictures with characters, ate our favorite food in France and Norway, all before 1 p.m.  Instead of heading straight home, we decided to venture out to IKEA.  It was such a successful shopping trip too!  Since we're turning Lucas room into a big boy room this week, we picked up a dresser for him, toddler eating table, and a dresser/changing table for the new nursery.  I'm so excited for the dresser/changing table!  

Sunday was equally busy as we bought paint for the furniture and picked up lots of goodies for the nursery at HomeGoods.  We also spent a good deal organizing the nursery since it has been a storage facility of all our junk from the move.  I also started organizing baby girl's clothes and closet which was too much fun for me.  Below are some snapshots of our busy weekend:

Sweater: Nordstrom (THE COMFIEST SWEATER EVER!)  /  Shorts: Old Navy  /  Necklace: Kendra Scott  /  Shoes: Tory Burch

Lucas: Shirt  /  Shorts  /  Shoes

How sweet is this romper pictured below?!  It's from Bailey's Blossoms and it is just too sweet!  The bow is one of a hundred my sweet Aunt made for baby girl :-)

The kids are all set to visit my little sister and family in NYC someday!  The Yankees outfits are ones my dad bought for baby girl which makes me laugh because when my sisters and I were little, my dad bought us all Yankees outfits as well and we joked that we looked like little boys.  My dad is such a huge sports fan and he ended up with 4 extremely girly girls.  He and Lucas are extremely close and because of my dad, Lucas has more Yankees tees than I think Derek Jeter had!  The Piccolini NYC shirt was just too cute to pass up for Lucas.  These cute clothes are now making me miss the city!  I'm hoping to go for a weekend after the baby is born :-)  The teal shirt is from OshKosh.  

 Moccasins (Old Navy)  /  Sneakers  /  Bows
Dress: Old Navy (SO SWEET!)

March 13, 2016

Weekend Photo Diary

We had a busy weekend that started out with our first Easter Egg hunt of the year.  Lucas is a pro and takes it VERY seriously.  Our friends throw a great Easter Egg hunt every year and it's always a fun time.  Check out the determination below!

On Sunday, we went to Disney's Animal Kingdom and my mom joined us as well.  Lucas is really into Lion King/Guard, Tarzan, and Finding Nemo so we knew he would love this park as well.  He so loved the Festival of the Lion King show and walking the trails to spy on some gorillas and zebras.  I absolutely love experiencing Disney through him.

Yeah, I just really don't enjoy shopping for my little girl...not one bit...Ok, I'm obsessed.  Even my mom told me to slow my roll.  It's just so hard when everything is too darn cute.  This sleeper below has to be one of my favorites because it's a "Central Park" graphic sleeper.  Central Park holds a special place in my heart as it's where my husband proposed to me.

These two cuties are from Carter's and I just could not pass up jelly sandals!

Top and Shoes (both Carters)

And holy cow does Target's Oh Joy and Pillowfort collections have me like whoa!

March 6, 2016

{Magical} Weekend Photo Diary

It was another magical weekend at Disney World as we spent Saturday back at the Magic Kingdom.  We are very lucky to live not too far from the parks and we enjoy every visit to see our friends Mickey, Donald, and Goofy.  We decided that since Lucas is tall enough to ride the kiddie Goofy roller coaster that he would go on the ride with his daddy.  Sadly, I missed out on his first roller coaster ride since I'm pregnant but I got to take video from below.  As tame as the ride may be since it's meant for children, Lucas was lukewarm about the ride.  The rest of the day, he would remind us that the "choo choo train" made him sad.  He breaks my heart and melts it all at the same time.  Other than that, he had a great time meeting the characters and going on the truly kiddie rides.  What made this trip really exciting is that Lucas had been asking us to take him back to Disney and whenever he'd get in the car with both me and my husband, he'd assume we were going to Disney.  I love that he realizes where he is and tells us that he's having a good time.

Lucas even helped pick up some toys for his baby sister and insisted on an "Anna" doll versus Elsa.

On Sunday, I tried my hand at a little DIY project as the nursery is still a work in progress.  In fact, the room is basically a storage/guest/computer room at the moment...

Before having children, I was that super obnoxious and judgmental person who would see a screaming child in public and think, I would never let my child behave that way.  Well, I'm getting back and then some for all the times I judged when I should have minded my own business.  Yep, I was this mom at Target...letting my child lay down under the cart in order to prevent the 1,450,649,675 meltdown of the day...

February 9, 2016

Life Lately

So, it's been awhile...a loooong while!  The first trimester has kicked my butt and I'm just now feeling like myself.  Although I'm not 100% feeling back to normal, it is night and day to the sickness I had all of December and January.  I didn't just have morning sickness, I had ALL FLIPPING DAY sickness.  Since I work full-time aside and run around a toddler when I'm not at the office, I'm exhausted.  But, there is a light at the end of the tunnel and, thankfully, the only thing I'm dealing things I'm dealing with now are exhaustion, acid reflux, and headaches which are all a cake walk compared to adding nausea and vomiting to the mix.  Since I've been gone for so long, I thought I'd do a little recap of things happening in my neck of the woods.

1. Lucas' Surgery

January was also kind of hectic because Lucas had surgery which any mom can relate to my anxiety over the whole thing.  Lucas has been having ear infections since August and has been on and off antibiotics since August.  When he wasn't on antibiotics, we tried the three day shots method which also didn't work.  Selfishly, I was scared for him to have the ear tubes and adenoids removal surgery.  I didn't want my baby to go under anesthesia and have surgery.  Luckily, my dad is an anesthesiologist at the hospital where Lucas had the surgery and, although he did not administer the anesthesia, it was comforting knowing all the doctors working on him since they were close with my dad.  After his surgery, Lucas went down for a super long nap, and to cheer him up, we had lots of toys, movies, and milkshakes ready for him whenever he got up.  He literally woke up as if he did not just spend the entire morning at the hospital having surgery.  He bounced back running all around the house as if nothing happened and I could not have been happier.  Since he has had the surgery, he no longer has a perma runny nose and the continuous ear infection is completely gone.  We are so happy that our little boy is healthy again!

2.  Bump Watch

Top: Old Navy  /  Pants: GAP  /  Shoes: Tory Burch  /  Bag: Tory Burch  /  Necklace: Kendra Scott  /  Watch: Apple

Top: Nordstrom  /  Pants: GAP  /  Shoes: Nine West  /  Bag: Tory Burch  /  Necklace: Kendra Scott  

The bump is back!  Honestly, I feel like I popped so much sooner with this babe than I did with Lucas but I hear that's pretty common for your second child.  I'm already in maternity pants and wearing lots of tunics.  Since I felt pretty crappy for two months, I think I alternated between three outfits total, hence the lack of outfit posts.  I'm hoping this feeling better thing sticks around so that I have energy to make an effort into my appearance in the mornings.  Fingers crossed!

3.  Workin' On My Fitness

I'm trying much harder this time around to be healthier with this pregnancy.  I had a very rough recovery after having Lucas and I think a lot of it was because of how unhealthy I was.  I actually really love jogging and when I was nauseas, jogging was the one thing that would temporarily make the yuckiness go away.  Jogging with a belly is interesting but I've read stories of women days from giving birth running marathons so I'm not going to complain about three miles here and there.  

4.  The Happiest Place on Earth

We renewed our Disney passes and decided to make a weekend out of it.  Annual Disney passes has been the best ever.  Rain or shine, you just won't have a bad day at the parks.  For this trip, we stayed at the Swan and Dolphin hotel because it was walking distance to Epcot and had a character breakfast.  We wanted Lucas to see the fireworks at night but didn't want to deal with the craziness that happens with transportation once the fireworks were over so staying at a hotel that was walking distance was ideal.  We were thrilled with the hotel and the walk that took up through the Disney Boardwalk and to Epcot was amazing!  We got to go on a ride, eat in Paris, check out the fireworks, and walk back to the hotel easily.  The next morning, we had a character breakfast which was a first for Lucas.  We weren't sure how he would act with the characters coming up to him but to our surprise he was LOVING it and even gave Pluto a kiss.  We will definitely do more character meals in the future!  Lucas is really obsessed with Toy Story lately so meeting Woody was top on our list of things to do.  The line to meet Woody was almost an hour long and no fast passes available but the wait was worth it to see my little boy's face light up!  It was like meeting his hero and he's still talking about how Woody touched his nose.  I love Lucas' age right now and being able to converse with him.  Where he is at developmentally has made going to the Disney parks so much more magical since everything is so over the top with him.  Of course, we'll be back in the Magic Kingdom in a week or so but Disney never ever will get old.  It's the happiest place on earth after all :-)

That's it for now but I'm happy to be back to blogging!  I'm always active on instagram so if you'd like to keep up with, honestly, mostly pictures of Lucas and his toys/clothes, then make sure to add me on instagram at @maria683.  The account is set to private but that's so I can make sure those creepy role playing accounts aren't trying to add me.  

September 21, 2015

Weekend Photo Diary

We went to Epcot at Disney World this weekend and had a great time.  Epcot happens to be my personal favorite park.  While Magic Kingdom is the best for younger kids because there is more for them to ride, I love love Epcot and so does Lucas.  I love going around each of the countries to see the sights and maybe grab a little something to eat.  I, obviously, love France but my favorite place to grab candy at is Norway.  Norway is being renovated to incorporate Frozen and I can't wait!  Lucas was a little scared in the rides which was strange since he's gone to Disney so often this year and has never been even the slightest bit scared.  I think the darkness kind of scared him so I'm hoping that it's just a phase.  Other than that, Disney is a great place for us to go for the day since it really allows Lucas to get his energy out.

I'm sure you all know but, FALL STARTS THIS WEEK!  So of course, I had to do a fall themed week in my planner, duh.  HAPPY FALL! 

I'm not excited for fall...nope not at all.  YES I AM!  And my planner week definitely shows it.  

August 16, 2015

Weekend Photo Diary: MOMMAS I NEED YOUR HELP!

It was a perfect Florida Saturday with the heat at a tolerant level and just the right wind, so we headed out to Magic Kingdom.  We had a great time as always.  The crowd level was low since Florida schools are back in session so we let Lucas run around and get his energy out.  He just tall enough to ride the roller coasters, but he's going to have to wait awhile until I feel he's old enough for to ride them.  As always, we dressed in Disney shirts which we never did pre-Lucas but I think it's more fun to do with him since he knows the characters and thinks it's hilarious when he recognizes a character on our shirts.  His favorite character has always been Donald or DUCK so, of course, we did our best to find Donald and Daisy shirts.

We are trying to get a lot of playtime with him because, and here is where the title of my post comes from, Lucas is starting "school" in a week.  It's pre pre pre school and it's only three days a week for a couple of hours but I am a nervous wreck, to put it lightly.  Honestly, I'm a hot mess.  It's no secret around these parts that I have loads of working mom guilt.  I know he's going to love school but I can't help but feel like I wish I was the one caring for him.  Lucas is very social, outgoing, and loves playing with other kids.  BUT, he's a typical only child and is use to being the center of everyone's universe.  So I wonder if he'll be alone and sad or if he'll be scared because he won't recognize us.  Ugh.  I'm having a really hard time with this even though I know, I know he's going to love it and thrive.  Any advice out there?? 

Both Saturday at Disney and Sunday running errands, I wore Kushyfoot socks sent to me by the company to try out.  I have to say, I'm a fan.  I don't like socks sticking out of my shoes nor my heel rubbing against the shoe and I really liked the way they felt.  I was sent other socks as well that I'll be trying out and will let you know how I like them.

Shoes: New Balance

May 29, 2015

Mirror Mirror: Disney World

This is definitely not a fashion post but more of an open post.  I want to know how you ladies that dress up in nice clothes and fancy shoes are able to not look like death after a day at the Disney parks?  Seriously.  I can't get away with anything fancier than this while at the summer the blazing hot heat.  It's seriously hotter than a chicken's coop but yet I still see girls dressed impeccably and I want to know their secrets.  SPILL IT!

Shirt:  Disney Store  /  Shorts: J.Crew  /  Shoes: New Balance 420

April 19, 2015

Weekend Photo Diary

It was another Disney weekend for us and this time we went back to Hollywood Studios.  This once was our favorite park to go to because of the thrill rides but, now, with a toddler, it's probably our least favorite to take him to.  That's not to say we didn't have a great time!  Since there's really only one ride Lucas can go on, Toy Story, we decided to take on most of the musical shows.  We sang our hearts out during the Frozen Sing Along attraction and Lucas was really into the Frozen show as with the Disney Junior show where he tried to run up on stage when he saw Jake the Pirate.  He must have felt bad for acting shy earlier when we tried to take a picture with Jake  He's usually really good with the characters but this time he was super shy around Jake and Sophia the First.

Toy Story and the Frozen show were a hit!

Since my mom came with us and got an annual pass for herself, my husband and I were able to go on the thrill rides.  I've become such an old lady and complained about the nausea from the Tower of Terror ride and neck ache from the Star Wars ride.  I'm getting too old for fun, I guess ;-)

Oh and we completely decked out in our Disney shirts and didn't feel bad not one bit!

My Shirt:  Forever 21
Lucas' Shirt: Kohls
Husband's Shirt: JCP

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