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April 22, 2014

Two Year Blogiversary

Two years ago today I started Dainty & Decadent.  This has been my place to come and vent or have fun after long days at the office.  I truly love blogging.  Even though I've slacked on the posting lately, I'm excited to get more into a consistent routine.  I decided to go back through my archives and...yikes...there are some baaaaad posts!  What was I thinking?!  I love that my pregnant belly was well documented and made me teary looking through those posts.  But the best part of blogging is by far getting to know readers and connecting with bloggers I've been reading years before I started my blog.  I feel like I know some of you even if we've never met.  I still consider you to be my friends, blog friends!  Two years have gone by so quickly!

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