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June 6, 2016

Baby Shower for Baby #2

On Saturday, my mom threw us a beautiful baby shower for our baby girl and it was every bit of sugar and spice I could have ever dreamed of!  We are so blessed with a great family and friends that came to celebrate with us.  We had a great time and baby girl definitely got spoiled!  

I'm 32 weeks now and this pregnancy has been flying by that I get moments of wanting to savor every moment and feelings of sadness when I realize that Lucas will no longer be the baby.  Hormones are a crazy thing and mine are definitely giving me the run around.  Our world is about to get a little wild but that just makes life more interesting, right?  

Dress: Love Squared  /  Necklace: Kendra Scott  /  Shoes: Michael Kors  /  Bracelets: David Yurman

April 29, 2013

My Baby Shower

WARNING PICTURE HEAVY POST!  This Saturday was my baby shower and it was absolutely perfect!  My husband and I are so incredibly blessed and grateful for having such a beautiful day.  My mom had been hard at work for awhile planning and crafting for this day.  Many friends and family came from near and far.  I wore a maternity dress from Target that was super comfortable for the day and allowed a lot of wiggle room for me to stuff my face with all the yummy food!  I really loved the party favors my mom had: handmade soaps my aunt made, another aunt/godmother made baby blue bracelets, baby blue nail polishes, "HE"rshey chocolate bars, and little acrylic pacifier necklaces.

We played many games.  For 15 minutes, my husband had to wear a 20 pound sack around his waist so he knew what it felt like to carry around that much weight.  Afterwards, he told me that his back hurt.  Good try getting sympathy from this one buddy!  Another game, my husband had a blindfold and I had to feed him baby food while he had to guess.  Some of the flavors were apple sauce, green beans, and squash...all things he hates!  My favorite game to watch was who could finish drinking out of the baby bottle the fastest.  Some of the baby bottle contestants may have switched their juice for champagne!  It made for a very interesting evening dance party (evidence in my instagram account!)

I am eternally grateful to all who came and showered Lucas with love and many many goodies!  This is one spoiled kid.  I'm so sad that the weekend is over but excited to meet our little boy :-)

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