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November 20, 2012

Matching Couple

If you follow me on instagram, you probably already saw that my husband and I wore matching outfits.  It's something we like to do every once in awhile...just kidding :-)  We did both wear blue gingham but it wasn't done on purpose.  Given that we are both stubborn and happened to be running late, neither of us wanted to change.  Although, it would have been a lot easier for him to change his tie than me change an entire outfit AND I set my clothes out the night before...he totally planned it...

Shirt: J Crew Factory {Similar}  /  Blazer: JCP  /  Skirt: J Crew  /  Shoes: Aldo  /  Handbag: Louis Vuitton  /  Necklace: Ebay

October 26, 2012


To say I get distracted easily is an understatement.  It was extremely hard to not watch the golfers mainly because I  had no idea people golf at 7 p.m.  I don't mean to offend but I don't golf and right after I took these pictures I threw on a huge pair of pajamas because that's what I do at 7 p.m.  To each their own, right?  Happy Weekend!

Sweater: Forever 21  /  Shirt: The Limited  /  Skirt: J Crew  /  Shoes: Aldo 'Lillig'  /  Jewelry: David Yurman, Stella and Dot  /  Handbag: Coach

October 16, 2012

Sunny Disposition

My trusty Kate Spade work bag has gone everywhere with me.  My dad bought it for me when I was in law school and now it holds all my goodies and court files. Ordinarily, I would have worn a handbag that perfectly matched this outfit but I don't always perfectly match when going to work. This bag is so functional that I don't even think about whether or not it "matches" that day or not. I call it my Mary Poppins bag but I'm constantly reminding my husband that it isn't a backpack as he hands me tons of papers and crap to stuff in my bag for him.  Maybe I should get him a man bag?  Hmmm... :-)  If I'm a little slow answering emails/comments please accept my apologies.  I have big things going on at work but will be back to my old self after Wednesday!

Sweater: The Limited  /  Skirt: Loft  /  Shoes: Aldo  /  Jewelry: Necklace gifted, H&M, David Yurman  /  Bag: Kate Spade

October 2, 2012

Nature Walks

I'm not the outdoorsy type but at the same time I am.  Does that make sense?  No, okay.  Well, I love the outdoors and admiring its beauty but only for so long.  This time of year, when the leaves are changing and the wind is cooler, I love being outdoors a little longer just to take it all in.

Shirt: Target {Similar}  /  Skirt: J Crew  /  Shoes: Aldo 'Leggat'  /  Handbag: London Fog  /  Sunglasses: Dior  /  Jewelry: J Crew, Stella and Dot, Ebay, David Yurman

September 25, 2012


Today I'm linking up with Pretty Shiny Sparkly for the Bloggers Do It Better Challenge - oxblood. Confession, I've never used the word 'oxblood' to describe this color.  I usually call it red or burgundy.  I'm a total guy when it comes to color names.

I'm also guest posting over on Schnelle today!  Come check it out and say hi!  It's a Pinterest inspired post :-)

Sweater: Banana Republic  /  Shirt: Kohls  /  Skirt: J Crew  /  Handbag: Gucci {vintage-my moms}     Sunglasses: Chanel  /    Shoes: Aldo 'Lillig'  /  Jewelry: Handmade necklace, J Crew, David Yurman, Stella & Dot

September 5, 2012

Unexpected Date Night

So the stripes on this dress are definitely blue but shhhhhhh...don't tell the girl in these photos because she definitely thought they were black until now.

After work, my husband and I had plans for grocery shopping and a Target stop.  You know, date night.  Not really, but since we didn't feel like cooking, we headed to one of our favorite restaurants.  An unexpected date night...until we ran into my mom who was having dinner with her friends.  Small town life ;-)

Dress: Old Navy  /  Shoes: Aldo 'Leggat'  /  Sunglasses: Dior  /  Handbag: London Fog     Jewelry: J Crew, David Yurman

August 22, 2012

Grayscale Dots

It takes a special kind of person to wear long sleeves under a sweater in 90+ weather then plug in a heater at the office.  It also takes a lovely kind of person to set an entire office building at 10 degrees.  There's no in between.

Sweater: Old Navy  /  Shirt: Kohls  /  Skirt: Ann Taylor  /  Shoes: Aldo 'Lillig'  /  Jewelry: Ebay, J Crew, Target, David Yurman  /  Sunglasses: Chanel


August 13, 2012

Preppy for Fall

That's right, your eyes don't deceive you.  I totally tied a sweater around my waist like it's 1991. And ya know what, as soon as I turned on the radio, Ace of Base's 'I Saw the Sign' was blaring so it was meant to be.
Thank you to everyone that commented and sent emails on my sister's guest post :-) 
Oh and who else is loving the stores stocking up for Fall and Old Navy getting J Crew inspired at a fraction of the cost?  This girl is!

Shirt: Old Navy (GAP has a similar option sold out online) {Similar}  /  Skirt: J Crew {now on sale}   Sweater: Loft  /  Shoes: Aldo  /  Handbag: Gucci (vintage which I stole from my mom!)    Sunglasses: Chanel  /  Jewelry: Banana Republic {on sale!}J Crew, David Yurman

August 3, 2012

Polka Dots Squared

It's Friday Friday!   Weekends really should be longer, don't ya think?

Sweater: Ann Taylor  /  Shirt: J Crew  /  Skirt: Ann Taylor  /  Shoes: Aldo 'Lillig'  /  Handbag: Coach 'Kristin'  /  Sunglasses: Chanel  /  Jewelry: J Crew, Vince Camuto, David Yurman

July 29, 2012

Simply Red

Nothing planned for the day, playing it by ear, and I'm completely happy with that :-)  Relaxing weekends are the best.

Dress: Anthropologie  /  Sweater: Forever 21  /  Shoes: Aldo  /  Handbag: Coach  /  Sunglasses: Chanel  /  Jewelry: J Crew, David Yurman,  Vince Camuto,  Lorenzo via Prestige Jewelers

July 26, 2012

Mellow Grellow

I finally picked one of my husband's blog title suggestions!  In other news:

  1. I finally learned how to retweet...I know, I'm a little slow with social networking.  But you can check out how many times I messed up retweeting and tweeting here!  
  2. I wish I could wear this J Crew Anchors Aweigh top every day.
  3. Aldo shoe sale sucked me in again with these shoes for only $30.
  4. My skirt is grellow or yegreen...I can't decide. AND
  5. This is my 100th post! 

Anchor Top: J Crew 'Anchors Aweigh'  /  Bow Top: Banana Republic  /  Skirt: J Crew {not sure on color name}  /  Shoes: Aldo 'Lillig'  /  Sunglasses: Chanel  /  Jewelry: Elizabeth ColeVince Camuto, David Yurman

July 25, 2012

Fashionspirations: Feeling Lucky

Picture on Right: Lucky Magazine

Fact:  I found the perfect solution to give me the will to go to the gym today and put down the bag of Muddy Buddies...I cropped a picture of myself next to a skinny model and put it on the internet.  Now, I know what works!

I have been seriously lacking in the thinking for myself department this week and have looked to Lucky Magazine for inspiration.  I put a sticky on this photo from the issue with Leighton Meester on the cover because I knew it would come in handy on days like this.  I just recently purchased this skirt from JC Penney for only $14.  I've been meaning to wear it and thought it would work well with this inspiration.  

Shirt: Loft  /  Skirt: JC Penney  /  Shoes: Aldo 'Leggat'  /  Jewelry: David Yurman, Vince CamutoEve's Addiction  /  Sunglasses: Dior

July 20, 2012

Country Chic

Sometimes my shopping habit of stalking an item and waiting for it to go on sale fails me miserably.  By the time my prized item has hit the sales, either my size or color I want are sold out.  I had been patiently waiting for these Aldo Leggat sandals to go on sale...okay, that's a lie because I was willing to pay full price but could never get my hands on them.  Finally, last week a pair in my size and color popped up online AND on sale so the wait was meant to be!

Shoes: Aldo 'Leggat'  /  Skirt: White House Black Market  /  Shirt: Old Navy  /  Handbag: Coach 'Kristin'  / Jewelry: Forever 21, Macy's, Vince Camuto, David Yurman

June 1, 2012

Coral Court Confessions

Although I wore this orangy coral sweater at work all day, I didn't wear it to court in the morning and stuck to my usual black and white ensemble.  I have a hard time trying to incorporate more color into my court appearance outfits because I'm not sure how I will come off to others.  I know I shouldn't care about what people think and just what makes me happy but I can't help to think that others will perceive me as being to "girly" and not the female attorney I want them to see me as.  Hmmm...this is getting deep ;-)

On a side note, my hubby added an instagram thingy to my blog, woot woot!  So, ever since I started reading fashion blogs way back when, I used and still use google reader to keep track of my favorites.  I've slowly started to add blogs via google friend connect but I still haven't transferred all of the blogs I read off reader.  Does anyone have any preference over one or the other, google reader vs. GFC?  Which one is better and why?  Thanks and have a great Friday!

Sweater: Kohls {Similar}  /  Shirt: Banana Republic  /  Skirt: Custom  /  Shoes: Aldo {Similar}  /  Handbag: London Fog  /  Jewelry: Coach, David Yurman, Gifted, Ann Klein  /  Sunglasses: Dior

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