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February 16, 2016

It's A...GIRL!

It's a girl!  We are soooooo excited to welcome our little princess into the world this summer!  Well, my husband and I are thrilled...Lucas...not so much.  He has been saying he's having a brother for the longest time.  We took him to our gender appointment and as he would say hi to the baby on the screen, he would also say, HI BROTHER!  AWWW CUTE BROTHER!  My heart was so full at that moment.  Baby girl was shy and kept her legs crossed so it took quite a bit of time to get a good look.  Well, it's time to get to shopping and you all know that won't be hard for me at all!  

December 31, 2015

Baby #2!

Well, only baby bottles and my tummy will be popping tonight!  Baby #2 is arriving this summer!  Just like last time, my blog absence was due to really really really bad ALL DAY sickness on top of a bad cold.  I'm starting to feel like my old self again though which feels really great.  We have had many things to be thankful for this year and many many new things to look forward to in 2016.  I hope you all have a safe and happy New Year and I will see you all again in 2016!  Happy New Years!

September 6, 2013

Maternity Clothes Must Haves

I work an 8-5 (or longer) Monday through Friday job so wearing yoga pants my entire pregnancy was out of the question so maternity clothes were a must.  Most days, I still had to wear a suit or something resembling suit separates.  However, I told myself that I wouldn't buy too many maternity clothes and I stuck to this promise.  My belly popped out very early so I learned that with a few key pieces and using some pre-pregnancy clothes, I was able to dress myself professionally every day and get through my pregnancy with some style.  Below are just some pieces that were able to get me through the week and weekend while pregnant.  You do not have to spend a lot of money to get through pregnancy in style!  Some of my favorite places to shop for bargain pregnancy clothes were Target, Old Navy, and the sale sections of Gap and Loft.  Motherhood Maternity also has great pencil skirts.  Below is what worked for me but I'd love to know and read any of your suggestions on your preggo style :-)

1  /  2  /  3  /  4  /  5  /  6  /  7

I kept it simple by only purchasing basic pieces and accessorizing with what I already owned.  Most of the time, I wore dresses with a cardigan then belting the dress to emphasize the bump.  You know, reminding people that there was a baby in there and not 10 burritos.  Statement necklaces are also great to break up an otherwise simple outfit.  Heels were a no go for me so I wore the heck out of my black ballerina flats.  If you only buy a few maternity work items, I definitely recommend the above picks as those are what got me by and I literally worked right up to the day I was induced for labor.  I've updated my Outfits page for more maternity work clothes ideas using pieces similar to those above.

1  /  2  /  3  /  4

Now, most of the time I spent in lounge clothes but if I had to leave the house, my uniform was either a simple dress or shorts and a tee.  My shoes of the summer were definitely the Target Lavada sandals.  Comfort was key for me and especially in my third trimester, the less fuss the better.  I've updated my Outfits page for more ideas on weekend wear.

I hope these suggestions help any preggo mommas out there!

August 26, 2013

Final Bump{less} Update

So this will be my final update in my pregnancy series and it makes me so sad.  I felt like I was pregnant for eternity so I don't remember what it's like not being pregnant.  I wrote my birth story here, and I have to admit that I was completely clueless when it came to pregnancy, labor, and, now, motherhood.  I had this naive image in my mind that my body and life would bounce back but truth is, it didn't.  I admittedly have a lot of baby weight to lose but I am in no hurry to lose it.  I'm exhausted, yes, but life feels richer.  I have daily hormonal breakdowns thinking about having to go back to work in two weeks and leaving Lucas at home.  I just love my boy so much.

Here are some facts about the new man in my life, Lucas Jose:

1. He has blue eyes and a lot of dark hair.  Such a stud muffin.
2. He hates being naked but loves taking baths.
3. He likes to shoot pee all over me when I change him.
4. He never had a problem with his latch, eating, etc - he's a piglet and he's a piglet because he snorts when he eats.
5. He smiles all the time.  It's adorable.
6. He loves being held and taking naps on people.
7. He looks just like my husband and nothing like me.  The nurses in the NICU said Lucas had a spunky personality so that must have come from me ;-)
8. He loves his mom the most and dad.

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December 3, 2012

Great Expectations

I'M PREGNANT!  My husband and I are so excited to be expecting our first child in 2013!  Yesterday was my husband's 30th birthday and he really wanted to tell his friends and more family yesterday even though we've been keeping this a secret since we found out.

I took a little bit of a blogging break last week because I was feeling pretty crappy and dressing up decent for work just wasn't happening.  In fact, you can pretty much tell in the past couple weeks the days where I just wasn't feeling it...Exhibit A:

What does me being pregnant mean for this blog?  Nothing...except that my belly is going to get bigger.  In fact, it already has.  This will be my first child so I have absolutely no flipping clue about motherhood nor pregnancy.  I am reading books now but I would just sound silly trying to talk about my pregnancy on this blog but I know (thanks Carrie Bradshaw!)

I started this blog so I can look back on my last year of my 20s and transitioning to my 30s.  I want to look back and see what I was doing, where I was going, what I was wearing, etc.  Now, I can look back at my pregnancy and I just think that will be so neat.  I obviously will still be working so I'm looking forward to dressing to work with a big belly and see what I can come up with.  I follow some pretty fashionable mommy bloggers but I'd love some more recommendations!

Oh and I know the picture below is TMI but if you really want to know what type of person I am...I had to take 5 different tests JUST to make sure...type A, obsessive personality?  Yep, that's me :-)

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