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July 24, 2014

Lucas' First Birthday Party

I started planning Lucas' party little by little a few months ago.  We went with a "prince" and my mom and I slowly began gathering things in his birthday colors.  My husband made the awesome invitations!  I helped by putting the wax seal on the back but that was the extent of my help with the invitations.  We did a lot of crafting such as making the banner and the crown.  Since the day was for Lucas, I really wanted to make sure that there were fun things for him to do and for the kids and babies coming over.  We turned the patio into a playroom that had a water table, slide, tunnel, coloring books, ball pit, and a station to make a crown.  The crown station was a hit!  As for the smash cake, yeah, he was not so interested.  I basically had to place his hands in the cake because he did not want to get dirty.  Lucas played a lot, laughed a ton, and flirted with everyone.  Overall, a great time was had by all!  

July 21, 2014

12 Months Old

Welp, this is my last Lucas update because Lucas is 12 months old!  I have a one year old...where did the year go?    This past Friday was his first birthday and it took everything in me not to cry.  He is now so interactive and talkative/babbles.  He says lots of "words" but he most likely does not know what they mean or direct them to one person.  He loves music, cars, blocks, Mickey's Clubhouse, and Jake the Pirate.  He walks like a little maniac and throws some serious tantrums.  I don't give into those so I don't want to reinforce the behavior but, man, has he perfected the art of a tantrum and it's usually because I won't let him play with something dangerous.  I know, bad mommy.  He still takes two a day and sleeps from 7:00 p.m.-6:45 a.m. throughout the night.  We're still working on regular food vs. purees but he sure does like to eat.  Overall, he's a great baby boy and we are all still so in love with him!  It's been an amazing year and it's been so much fun sharing these updates here.

His "prince" party was this past Saturday and I'll share some of those photos this week!

Crown: Made by me!  /  Shirt: Etsy  /  Shorts: Gap  /  Shoes: Sperry  /  Banner: Made by Me!

May 19, 2014

10 Months Old

10 months old and I can barely stand it!  I can't believe that I'm almost done writing his updates.  He has such the little biggest personality.  He is such a smiley and happy baby when boy when those tantrums hit, whoa.  On Mother's Day, he started clapping and has not stopped clapping since.  It meant a lot to see his clap for the first time since I get sad thinking of all the firsts I may miss because I'm working.  He's standing up a lot but no walking yet and as of right now, he has eight teeth.  Yikes!  He's my favorite little guy and, if you can't tell, I'm in love.

May 9, 2014

First Mother's Day

That was my little guy at only four hours old with a combover and smiling and on the left my guy at nine months old.  I can't believe how big he's gotten!  

This Sunday will be my first official Mother's Day.  Last Mother's Day, I was pregnant with Lucas and was pampered at the spa but this weekend, I plan on doing nothing but lounging around and chasing my little boy around.  

Lucas has certainly changed me in so many wonderful ways.  I'm a mother now but I don't know everything.  I live each day learning new things and adapting to whatever Lucas' needs are.  There are hard days but the good days are far more in abundance and make the hard days memories disappear.  I'm learning more about myself as a person and mother as well.  The other day I had to wake up early for an out of town trial that kept me away from Lucas the whole day.  It was the first day since he's been born that I hadn't seen him at all.  Before Lucas was born, all day out of town trials didn't faze me.  It's part of my job.  But this time, any time the judge called for a break, I was rushing out of the courtroom to check on Lucas or text my mom to send me more photos.  I'm obsessed.  He's my world and I'm honored to be Lucas's mami.  Happy Mother's Day!

April 30, 2014

Little of This and That

A couple of weeks ago, my hubby and I decided to purchase our first home!  It's something we've been dreaming of and waiting for the right opportunity.  Even though we had been looking for awhile, it seems that it was just sort of impulsive when we finally did find our dream home.  The only drag is that it is being built so I have to be patient but at the same time, it's going to be built to our specifications.  We had so much fun a couple weekends ago picking out the counters, cabinets, and flooring!  We felt so grown up!  I've been a pinning machine and pretty much the only room I know exactly how I'll decorate is...Lucas' room!  Figures.

These earrings sent to me by the lovely Marlene of MDC Artistic Designs.  I love me some jewelry but something I hardly ever gravitate towards are earrings.  No reason, I just always go for necklaces instead.  Then I saw these beauties and couldn't wait to wear them because I love the colors so much.  Marlene makes beautiful jewelry and I know I will be wearing these a lot this summer.
Stop what you're doing and get thee this Too Faced Chocolate Palette instantly!  I am a makeup junkie...a junkie I tell you.  I have two MAC palettes that I made, all of the naked palettes, some smaller Too Faced palettes, the Urban Decay anniversary palette...but this Chocolate palette is my favorite ever and not just because it smells like chocolate (which it does and it's amazing!)  My hubby surprised me with this after hearing me talk about this and after a particularly rough week and I have not stopped using it since.  I like natural shadows that are long lasting because I do not reapply makeup during the day and because I'm gone for 10 hours or so during the day.  Not only are these shadows long lasting but the colors are so beautiful.  There are so many different combos and color variations that I could only just use this palette forever.  Love this!

This crazy type-A mommy is starting to plan Lucas' first birthday party.  He's only nine months but with the move happening, I don't want anything to slip through.  It's his first birthday after all!  I'm definitely having more fun planning the party than he probably will at the actual party but oh well.  I'm going to try to get crafty and hopefully all the craft supplies actually end up being something other than folded up in a store bag.

April 23, 2014

9 Months Old

My baby is nine months old!  He is a babbling, crawling, eating, and sleeping machine.  His favorite things to babble are dada and baba.  No mama yet!  He has quite the little personality.  He dislikes when we take anything away from him which is always something that he shouldn't have been playing with in the first place.  To change his clothes and diapers should really be an Olympic sport.  Whoa.  It's a two person job because he is so fidgety and wants to roll and take off.  When he was in the NICU, a nurse told me that he had a spunky personality and boy is he really living up to that!  I absolutely love that he recognizes us and will scream/babble for us to come towards him.  It's still really hard to leave him during the day and especially now that he's on the move but I know this is for the best right now.   I say this all the time, but this is my favorite month yet!

April 21, 2014

Easter 2014

Easter 2014 was an event!  I finally got to put on this little outfit my cousin gifted Lucas when he was born.  Two of my sisters came into town for the weekend and while we were expecting one, my other sister surprised us!  She said that there was a package outside for Lucas but when my husband opened the door, she was standing outside.  It was great to see both of my sisters and the last time they saw Lucas was in January so long overdue Auntie playtime was in order.  It was a great day!  Now back to the work grind :-/

April 7, 2014

Easter Bunny

On Saturday, my friend organized an awesome Easter egg hunt for all the little babies.  The weekend before, we had a play date at a gymnastics center and Lucas was a little hesitant with the other babies.  This weekend, however, it was great to see him socializing with the other babies to even holding hands with my friend's sweet little girl.  Lucas is in stranger danger period so I was sure he would cry when he sat on the Easter Bunny's lap but nope!  Instead he was fascinated by how soft his hands were.  I also didn't think he would keep his glasses on but I guess he's fancy like that and kept them on!  We had an amazing time and look forward to more of these days.

March 19, 2014

8 Months Old

Yesterday, Lucas turned 8 months old and it's another month filled with milestones.  He's crawling so fast, babbling tons, and now pulls and stands up on whatever and whomever he feels like.  We've had to lower his crib since he was pulling up on the bars making this mommy very anxious.

He and Mia are now best buds, well in his mind.  Mia has been amazing with him.  He will crawl intently towards her and she will either jump on the couch or let him pet her.  She has never snapped at him but we always have a hand near her face in case she does.  But she has been such a wonderful big {doggy} sister!

Thankfully, he is still wearing 12-18 and some, I mean very little, 6-12.  We went through a crazy growth spurt early on so I'm glad he's getting more wear of his clothes now.  Soon, he will be taking his first airplane trip and any words of encouragement are greatly appreciated!  I bought new toys that he hasn't played with to hopefully keep him entertained.  He's also really liking Puff snacks so I will have plenty in hand.

March 10, 2014

Savoring the Moments

We had such a nice and relaxing weekend.  On Saturday, Lucas met two of my little cousins and Sunday was spent lounging plus a little getting ready for the week.  The weekends seem to fly by faster than before which leaves me longing for the next weekend.  I need to remember to savor the moments rather than looking forward for the next.  That's my deep thought for Monday!  Here's to a great work week and an even better weekend.

March 5, 2014

Party Overalls


Last weekend, Lucas was invited to his first birthday party.  I've been dying for him to fit in these overalls!  I mean, what is cuter than babies in overalls?  We had such a fun time and totally got me thinking of Lucas' first birthday.  My great goodness!  Lucas' first birthday!  How is he almost 8 months old already?  Naturally, I'm pinning things like crazy for his little party!  I don't want to rush things though because I wish daily that time could stand still.  I'm enjoying every second of this new life of ours!

February 18, 2014

7 Months Old

This cool guy is 7 months old today!  Since the last update, Mr. Lucas has started to crawl, eat solids, and on Saturday he said his first word!  DADA! Or more like dadadadadadada.  Which actually works to my advantage because if I'm exhausted and Lucas needs attention, he now yells dadadada, and I can now look at my husband and say he wants you.  

I decided to make his baby food and I am obsessed!  His favorites are sweet potatoes, bananas, and oatmeal.  He absolutely LOVES music!  

Since he was a newborn, the only song that would put him to sleep was Lennon and Maisy's version of Ho Hey.  Now, he is mesmerized by Jeremy Groves' Stay the Night and I love video chatting with my sister so she can see his reaction since Jeremy is her boyfriend.  He could be screaming his head off but the second you play either of these songs, he's completely quiet and will soon fall asleep.  However, on Sunday we learned that the Beatles Yesterday has the opposite effect...weird.

This little guy has quite the personality and has stolen my heart.  I can't believe he's already 7 months old...I may even be already planning his first birthday party...

February 10, 2014

Weekend Firsts

The past two or so weeks I've been hit with major working mommy guilt...I mean epic meltdowns.  The catalyst was definitely when my mom, who watches him three days a week, called me at work and said I should call the pediatrician because Lucas was having a bad skin reaction after his 6 months shots.  The doctor's office recommended that he come in immediately to rule out anything serious.  Since I was still at the office, I tried my best to make it to the hospital but by the time I got to the doctor's office, Lucas was already seen.  I talked to the nurse and she told me it was nothing serious but I was boo hoo crying as if I missed his wedding.  Ever since then, it's been increasingly getting harder to leave him in the mornings; especially since he has learned how to wave goodbye...

Since my husband and I work together at the same firm, we are able to take nice lunches together and spend time together away from the office.  Therefore, weekends have become our time to get our Lucas fix.  The past couple of weekends have been weekends of firsts for my little guy.  He got his first haircut, started crawling, and played in the playground recently.  I tried to wait until he was a year old for his first haircut but that hair was getting unruly!  As much as I love his crazy hair, it was time for a little trim.  I am absolutely loving weekends and if you can't tell by now, I'm pretty obsessed with my boy and spending every second of every day with him!

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