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June 6, 2012

Fashionspirations: Blogger Style

Ever since I started reading fashion and lifestyle blogs a couple years ago, I found myself being inspired by other bloggers to make the extra effort to look nice in the morning even if I didn't feel like it.  Reading other blogs has also inspired me to incorporate more color into my wardrobe that was once 90% black or white.  

One of my favorite bloggers, Skylette from Sequins and Stilettos, wore this outfit recently and, as you can tell,  I was more than inspired by it since I nearly copied it to the tee!  Skylette has such great style!  Whereas, before, I probably would have just worn black pants, but seeing Skylette wear her striped top with colored pants opened my horizons :-)   Has anyone else been inspired by something you saw on a blogger, pinterest, etc?

Blazer: JC Penney  /  Shirt: Forever 21  /  Pants: TJ Maxx  /  Shoes: Ivanka Trump  /  Handbag: London Fog  /  Sunglasses: Dior  /  Jewelry: David Yurman, Lorenzo via Prestige Jewelers

June 2, 2012

Print and Mint

Thank you to everyone that commented and sent me emails giving me advice on yesterdays post.  I appreciate everything so much and hope you all have a great and safe weekend :-)

Sweater: Old Navy {Similar}  /  Shirt: TJ Maxx {Similar}  /  Skirt: JC Penney  /  Shoes: Tory Burch  /  Necklace: J Crew {Similar}  /  Jewelry: David Yurman, Coach, Macy's, Lorenzo via Prestige Jewelers  /  Sunglasses: Dior

May 28, 2012

The REAL Party Dress

Happy Memorial Day!  So this is the dress I ended up wearing to the wedding that I got all dressed up for on Saturday when the wedding was really on Sunday!  I've always been so bad with dates and invitations.  It's a fact that I can go weeks without picking up my mail which is so so bad.  I once missed a friend's bridal shower because I never checked the mail and didn't open the invitation on time!

Dress: White House Black Market  /  Belt: Forever 21  /  Handbag: Chanel  /  Sunglasses: Dior  /  Shoes: Nine West  /  Jewelry: David Yurman, Lorenzo, J Crew

May 27, 2012

The Party Dress

Gosh, it looks like I'm all dressed up to go somewhere...well, I was.  A friend of mine was getting married so my hubby and I got all dressed up, took pictures, got in the car, I pulled out the invitation to make sure we were on time...oh, we were on fact, we were early...The flipping wedding was the next day on Sunday! Grrr!  I swear my head is always somewhere else.  You would think since I rsvp'd to the wedding that I would know what day the wedding was.  Nope!  Since I'm not one to waste hair and makeup, I changed clothes and went it wasn't a total waste ;-)

Dress: BCBG  /  Belt: Banana Republic {Similar}  /  Bag: Chanel  /  Shoes: Charlotte Russe {Similar}  /  Sunglasses: Dior  /  Necklace and Ring: Lorenzo via Prestige Jewelers  /  Bracelet: David Yurman

May 23, 2012

Dainty and Minty Skirts

It's no secret to those who know me or see me everyday at work that I love pleated skirts.  This one from JC Penney caught my eye because of the color.  Most of my skirts are some sort of dark color but I'm venturing out into colors purposefully.  I'm not quite sure if the skirt can be called mint because it is more in between of mint and powder blue.  It actually reminds me of the pistachio macarons my little sister brought back for me last night from the new Laduree boutique that opened in NYC.  I think I've consumed more than a dozen macarons this month but I am in NOOOOO way shape or form complaining :-)

Sweater: Banana Republic {Similar}  /  Shirt: Loft  /  Skirt: JC Penney  /  Shoes: Kohls {Similar}  /  Sunglasses: Dior  /  Earrings: Lorenzo via Prestige Jewelers  /  Ring: David Yurman  /  Necklace: Gifted

May 19, 2012

Leopard and Green

I know I say this every single Friday but I am sooooo ready for the weekend!  I have big time plans to sleep, sleep, and more sleep.  I do want to go see The Dictator at the movies so I guess I will have to wake up and get dressed for that...although, I have been known to go to the theater in yoga/pajama pants before ;-)

Dress: TJ Maxx  /  Shirt: Kohls  /  Sweater: Ann Taylor {Similar}  /  Belt: Forever 21 {Similar}  /  Sunglasses: Dior  /  Necklace: J Crew {Similar} {Similar}  /  Bracelets: David Yurman, Banana Republic  /  Ring: Lorenzo via Prestige Jewelers  /  Shoes: MIA {Similar}

May 18, 2012

Green Pleated Story

I'm wiped out from work and have nothing much to say today, those are some dirty stairs...

Sweater: Banana Republic  /  Tank: Gap  /  Skirt: JC Penney {Only $10.00!}  /  Shoes: Charlotte Russe  /  Handbag: Chanel  /  Sunglasses: Dior  /  Jewelry: David Yurman, Lorenzo, Ann Klein

May 16, 2012

Yellow and Black

I've worn this Loft sweater a couple of times before just never with the black shirt underneath.  I get to work and someone tells me that I'm channeling Star Trek with this look.  Although I did see the new Star Trek movie that came out a little bit ago, I'm not familiar with Star Trek nor did I ever watch the show.  I thought, there's no way someone on Star Trek had a yellow sweater with a black collar...

I guess Captain Kirk and I share similar tastes... 

 Sweater: Loft {Similar}  /  Shirt: Forever 21  /  Skirt: TJ Maxx {Similar}  /  Handbag: London Fog via  /  Shoes: Banana Republic {Similar}  /  Sunglasses: Dior  /  Bracelets: David Yurman, Target  /  Ring: Lorenzo via Prestige Jewelers  /  Watch: Ann Klein via Macy's  /  Necklace: Elizabeth Cole

May 15, 2012

Go To Black and White

Black and white are definitely my go to colors when I can't think of anything to wear.  The color black in general is my go to with everything.  My hubby always would tell me that I wear and have way too much black clothes and it isn't until now that I realized how right he was...I just won't ever admit that to him ;-)  Let's hope he doesn't read today's post!

Sweater: Loft  /  Shirt:  Loft  /  Skirt: White House Black Market  /  Necklace: Forever 21  /  Ring: Lorenzo via Prestige Jewelers  /  Sunglasses: Dior  /  Shoes: Spiegel {Similar}

May 11, 2012

Olive and Leopard

Whenever I get super busy at work, it's nice to know that when I get home I have quality television shows to indulge in such as Dance Moms Miami and the Real Housewives of New Jersey.  You know, important stuff to watch.  In all honesty, Bravo and, now, Lifetime have my favorite shows on tv.  Dance Moms is so crazy and I can't miss an episode!  Kind of like My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding on TLC, where the people and clothes are so out there and the show isn't that great but I...can't...stop...watching!

Shirt: Loft {Similar}  /  Sweater: Loft {Similar}  /  Skirt: Macy's  /  Shoes: Ivanka Trump 'Gurdia'  /  Belt: Forever 21  /  Handbag: London Fog  /  Sunglasses: Gucci {Cute Alternative}  /  Ring: Lorenzo via Prestige Jewelers  /  Watch: Ann Klein via Macy's  /  Bracelets: David Yurman, Tiffany's, Tous  /  Necklace: Eve's Addiction

May 9, 2012

Teal and Cream

I'm actually not sure what to call this color but that it's been one of my favorites for the past couple of years.  I even had my bridesmaids dresses in this color despite my wedding "colors" being ivory and black.  
It was really foggy out this morning which continued on the rest of the day.  It almost looks like I have clouds behind me!  It makes pictures kind of interesting but I hate driving to work through it :-(

  Jacket: Kohls {Similar}  /  Shirt: TJ Maxx {Similar}  /  Pants: JC Penney  /  Necklace: Banana Republic {Similar}  /  Shoes: Famous Footwear  /  Bag: Kate Spade {Similar}  /  Sunglasses: Dior  /  Jewelry: Seiko, David Yurman, Lorenzo via Prestige Jewelers

May 4, 2012

Purple and polka dots

May the 4th be with you! Sorry...I had to ;-)

Sweater: Forever 21  /  Shirt: Old Navy {Similar in Navy}  /  Skirt: JC Penney  /  
Shoes: Payless  /  Necklace:  Sarah Aghili {Similar in Red}  /  Sunglasses: Gucci  /  Jewelry: David Yurman,  Lorenzo

April 28, 2012

Working for the Weekend

Although I am pretty much in head to toe black, I am so not mourning the end of a long week!  I am very much looking forward to a relaxing weekend ;-)

Blazer: JC Penney;  Dress: TJ Maxx;  Shoes: Famous Footwear;  Sunglasses: Gucci;  Ring: Lorenzo via Prestige Jewelers;  Handbag: Marc Jacobs

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