June 23, 2017

What To Wear To Disney In the Summer

Shirt  /  Ears  /  Fan  /  Shorts  /  Sunnies  /  Magicband  /  Bag  /  Shoes

We live close to Disney World and end up at the parks every other weekend it seems.  The kids love it, we love, what we don't love...the weather.  Ladies and gents, it is hotter than a chicken's coop outside.  But we don't let something like the heat get in the way of our Disney fun!  

Back when we first got our annual passes and started going more frequently to Disney, I would wear just a random outfit.  One weekend, Lucas asked me where my Disney shirt was and that I should wear a Disney shirt.  Since then, I have fully embraced the Disney outfit - Minnie ears and ALL!  And honestly, it's just fun.  

High five to you ladies that can wear a full face of makeup and heels at the parks!  I require sneakers and comfy outfits.  In fact, I wear a sports bra almost every time I go.  

AND don't make fun of that Tinkerbell bag!  I have the Tinkerbell bag and the Ariel bag and they are seriously so adorable!  I also bring with me a diaper bag that I keep under the stroller but like to wear a crossbody to have things like my phone, Lucas's autograph book, and antibacterial soap and wipes readily on hand.


  1. Super cute! Embrace the magic! If you ever have spare time – a Disney tips and tricks with toddlers/babies post would be super awesome! We just got annual passes and we were a little overwhelmed the first time we went. We were thinking of holding off going again until Sept/Oct so temperature & crowds could come down... but if there are expert ways to hit the parks during the summer - I'd be so interested to find out what they are!! :)

    1. That's a great idea for a post! It took a little bit to get the right routine for us but I think we have it down to a science lol The biggest thing for us is setting our fast passes. We don't wait for anything more than 10 minutes even in high season. I always pick them to start at 10:30 ish that way when we get to the park early, we can go on a couple of rides without fast passes and the wait is never more than 10 minutes. The heat is bad but if you get there early it's not that bad! So excited you got annual passes! It will definitely be worth it with a little one!


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