December 14, 2016

Christmas at Disney World 2016

Another Disney trip in the books!  We love living so close to the parks that we can just pop on over and spend the whole morning at one of our favorite places, the Magic Kingdom.  Lucas is at the perfect age to enjoy everything and I love experiencing that with him.  Little Miss Olivia also got a button since it was her first time at Magic Kingdom.  We went to Epcot when she was 2 months old since it's an easy park to maneuver and we weren't sure what Disney would be like with a baby.  Luckily, Disney is amazing and the babycare centers are top notch.  If you are ever hesitant on taking a baby to Disney, don't be.  Changing and feeding Olivia was a dream.  Not only are the employees there asking me if I needed any assistance, there's also a movie/tv room for siblings to be entertained.  In fact, when I had to change Olivia, I wasn't near the babycare center but there was a nice resting area under a tent where I could quietly feed her while my husband took Lucas on the Dumbo ride.  Disney truly is magical for people of all ages!  And Christmas time at Disney World, I mean, it just can't get any better than that.

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