June 27, 2016

Broadway and Baseball and Birthdays, Oh My!

I have been very MIA around these parts and thought I'd play a little bit of catch up.  I'm about 35 weeks pregnant now and work has been keeping me so incredibly busy...like trial after trial busy which is why I've been absent from posting.  In the time I've been away on a blog break, lots of great things happened:

1. My cousins are taking over the world...really.

In one week, one cousin was drafted to play major league baseball for the Minnesota Twins (and he's only 17!) and the other cousin's Broadway show, Hamilton, swept up the Tony Awards.  I'm always proud to be a Miranda but that week was quite the proud moment.  I hope that my babies got some of these amazing Miranda genes since they seemed to have skipped me!  I can't play baseball to save my life and definitely can't carry a tune so I'm happy that these two are making Miranda a household name :-)

2.  Those Disney nights...

Another Disney weekend trip happened before I, unfortunately, have to retire Disney for the summer.  Crowds, heat, miles of walking, and full term pregnant just isn't a good mix for the parks right now!  But how beautiful is the Disney Boardwalk?!

3. Another year older...

I celebrated another birthday, another year older, recently which meant that the hubby and I got to go on a date night.  We enjoyed tapas, no tinis this year, at a favorite restaurant and had a great time just the two of us toddler-free!

4.  The Boys Club...

Lucas is such a daddy's boy and if he dada isn't within eyesight he'll run around the house yelling "I FIND DADA RIGHT NOW!"  Well, ok.  It's adorable and I can't wait to see what kind of big brother he will be in a few weeks!

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