June 10, 2016

Another Birthday Gift Guide

Another birthday, another year where I can't remember how old I'll be.  Seriously, I had to ask my husband.  I think once you get to the point where you can't remember your own age, you are too old to be making a birthday gift guide; however, should I decide to buy myself something nice, the items below are things that have caught my eye.  But let's be honest, what I really want is to sleep in and eat Nutella all day.  Just being honest.
Pink Bag  /  Candle  /  Sunglasses  /  Diaper Bag  /  Brush  /  Blue Pouch  /  Blue Bag


  1. The 2 blue clutches are great!


  2. I've been reading your posts from the past month or so and you look beautiful Maria! I love the baby shower dress from a couple posts back. You look radiant. I hope you treated yourself to something nice for your birthday :)

    1. Thank you so much! That is so kind of you to say and means a lot :-)


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