November 9, 2015

Weekend Photo Diary

It was Christmas at the Magic Kingdom this weekend!  We were hoping the parks still had some of their halloween decor up but Disney wasted no time and decked the parks out for the holidays.  And I must say, it was magical.  Disney + holiday decor + holiday music + magic = I.Can't.Even.  The park wasn't too crowded and since I take out our fast passes a couple days before we go, our wait time for rides couldn't have been more than 5 minutes.  Lucas, as always, had a great time and we really enjoy taking him to the parks since we get to experience the magic of Disney through him.  Since we had a busy Saturday, much of Sunday was spent lazying around, minus the time when Lucas busted open his lip.  Any other boy moms out there that can relate????  Oh, and I went to Target for dog food and instead bought Christmas decor and holiday clothes for Lucas...Target does it again.

I just couldn't resist buying Lucas these holiday PJs and that Grinch sweater at Target, I mean c'mon!  The little snowflake pillow below is from Target's Dollar Spot and I just learned that Target is doing away with the Dollar Spot and instead making that area "Bullseye's Playground."  


  1. So much fun! I'd love to see Disney at Christmas time :)

  2. Sounds like a perfect weekend and your Christmas Target finds! And please oh please tell me that's a terrible rumor about the Target Dollar Spot... I hadn't heard that and I'm hoping it's not true. I love that section so much!

    1. I think it's suppose to be the same idea just bigger;-) I was worried too! Lol


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