October 20, 2015

Fall Festival

Small town living definitely has its perks and our town during the fall is definitely one of them.  Not only is college football back in swing but the fall festivities begin.  My husband and I had to work a good bit on Saturday so we were very much looking forward to going to a local fall festival on Sunday to celebrate a birthday party.  It was our first time going to this particular festival but it was just the cutest of the cute!  I kept saying the whole time how adorable everything looked.  If you have ever seen the movie Doc Hollywood, the festival is where the movie was filmed and it's almost as if time never changed.  Well, we had fun running through the corn maze, eating homemade ice cream, sipping on homemade cider, and checking out the horses.  I wish fall time would just never ever end.


  1. This is the cutest fall festival I've ever seen! UGh. I'm dying to get my fall spirit on, but just haven't had anyone to adventure with. :(

  2. How fun! It looks like an Autumn dream!


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