August 12, 2015

The Summer of Pineapples and Flamingos

All this talk of fall coming soon and I'm still loving summer!  Fall is definitely my favorite season but we've been having such a great summer that I'm sad to see it going by so quickly.  This was definitely my summer of tunics, pineapples, and flamingos!  I just could't get enough.  Even my little guy, Lucas, sported some pineapple and flamingo swim trunks.  He rocked them as usual :-/  Below are some more flamingo and pineapple picks that I just thought were so cute!  If you click on the item, it is suppose to take you to the store but it's a new thing I'm trying so who knows.  So sad to see my summer of pineapples and flamingos coming to a close so off to looking at pretty things I go!

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