July 8, 2015

Skincare Routine

Because I'm super nosy, I love reading posts about people's skin care, makeup, and hair routines.  I even love those "what's in my bag" posts.  Love them!  So, I thought I'd share my skincare routine for those of you who are just as nosy as me ;-)

I'm very much into skincare and always have been.  I try to get a facial every couple of months because I love the feeling of knowing my pores and skin are cleaned out.  Sounds gross but it's the best feeling for me.  I have normal to oily skin so my day routine may seem like a lot to some but I've been doing it for years and it's what works for me.  I think a lot of it was trial and error, seeking information from my dermatologist and estheticians, and reading up on products.  

As you can see from the pictures below, my products are well loved.  I wash and moisturize my face morning and night and think I've found my perfect mix but I would love to hear any suggestions on products you love!

The first thing I do in the evenings is use the MAC Cleanse Off Oil to remove my eye makeup and mascara.  I have extremely sensitive eyes and if I leave any trace of makeup on at night, I will wake up with an eye infection.  The cleansing oil is the best remover!  It literally melts the makeup away.  I highly recommend this product.

After I removed my eye makeup at night, I use a Simple makeup wipe to remove my makeup.  Since my makeup has probably been on 9+ hours, I need the extra help to remove all of my makeup.  I like that these lightly exfoliate my skin to remove any dead or dry skin.

I use my Clarisonic Mia with the Philosophy Purity soap maybe once or twice a month.  I know the Clarisonic can be a love or hate item but I happen to love it.  When I do use the Clarisonic, I skip the step below so that I don't dry out my skin.

I use this Clean and Clear soap day and night.  At night, I use it right after the makeup wipe.  I find that it is gently on my skin, does not dry it out, and removes makeup effectively.

These products were sent to me by Obiqo to try out a couple of months ago so I wanted to give it time before I did a review.  I'm happy with these products and will likely order more after I run out.  I'm using the Obiqo facial serum and the Obiqo Randiant Day Cream.  After I have washed my face, I apply a dime size of the toner and follow up with the day cream.  Although it is a day cream, I use both of these at night only.  The glide on my skin smoothly and I really like the scent as well.  I find that it gives my skin a nice glow and my skin feels smoother in the mornings.

Moisturizing my skin with this Ponds moisturizer is the last step in my morning skin routine.  This moisturizer was a random purchase I made for my travel bag and I ended up loving it more than the moisturizer I was using.  I love this product for the morning because it almost acts like a great primer for my foundation.  I do use the Benefit primer afterwards but the Ponds acts like a great binder.

So this sounds like a lot but this is what works for me and my skin is soft and mostly blemish free.  I'd love to hear and read about your skincare routine!


  1. Wow!! I really like the way you describe. "Just focus on your eyes," says Molly R. Stern. That’s true. I take care of my eyes with Sakare products that help me to make a statement with eyes that entice.


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