May 29, 2015

Mirror Mirror: Disney World

This is definitely not a fashion post but more of an open post.  I want to know how you ladies that dress up in nice clothes and fancy shoes are able to not look like death after a day at the Disney parks?  Seriously.  I can't get away with anything fancier than this while at the summer the blazing hot heat.  It's seriously hotter than a chicken's coop but yet I still see girls dressed impeccably and I want to know their secrets.  SPILL IT!

Shirt:  Disney Store  /  Shorts: J.Crew  /  Shoes: New Balance 420


  1. the secret is that they're miserable. haha I worked at DW, I lived through that Summer heat "helping" *cough cough* some of the characters. There is no way to not be miserable. haha

    1. haha! Sometimes I see women in heels...HEELS! That's awesome you worked there!

  2. what is the green thing on your magic band?


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