April 3, 2015

Easter Basket Goodies

I'm so excited to take Lucas Easter egg hunting this year since he's been practicing a lot at my mom's house!  He doesn't try to open the eggs just runs to grab as many as he can to then run back to his basket.  

I didn't go crazy buying stuff to put in his basket since he's still a toddler but I couldn't pass up on some of these goodies.  My favorite are the egg shaped chalk that I found at the dollar store!  He's lately loving Donald or as he calls him DUCK and loving bubbles of course.  His dad had to add a toy car in there as well which I'm sure Lucas won't mind.  Happy Easter!


  1. Lucas will love it!! Bubbles, chalk and duck for the win. I can't wait to see pictures of him hunting eggs. Hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend :)

  2. Bubbles and chalk are always a hit in this house so I'm sure he will be one very happy boy when he sees his basket!


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