April 10, 2015

Beauty Game Changers

I LOVE makeup.  I HEART makeup.  I have a TON of makeup.  I just have ZERO time to apply it in the mornings and it is rare that I wear anything but concealer and curl my lashes on weekends.  However,  I've recently been discovery some real game changers that work for me and my schedule.

I've been wearing this Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation for almost two years now.  I love love love it and the fact that it doesn't oxidize (turn orange) on my skin after a long 8+ hour day at the office.  The only thing I disliked about the foundation was that you have to pour it on your hand since there is no pump.  I hate wasting product and pouring it on your hand will do that.  HOWEVER, while picking up my MAC powder the other day that I use to set my foundation, the MAC makeup artist told me that the MAC pumps work on this bottle.  Ummm genius!  For $10 I'm sold!

I've had this brush from Sephora in my stash for awhile and I had bought it to apply bronzer.  Although, it applies bronzer well, it's a little too dense for me so I use my MAC 150 brush to apply my bronzer.  I did find that this Sephora brush applies my foundation perfectly!  It blends to perfection and it the right consistency of softness but firm enough to apply foundation.  Although the silver handle brush isn't available anymore,  this one is quite similar.

Up until two years ago, I never filled in my brows.  Now, I pretty much always apply my MAC mystery eyeshadow using my MAC 266 brush and finish with the Maybelline Brow drama.  People, I would be so so upset if Maybelline discontinues this AMAZEBALLS product!  Like I said before, I barely ever apply makeup on weekends but when I do, the brow drama is the perfect eyebrow fix.  Seriously.  I use the dark brown shade and honestly prefer this to the more expensive brands.

The Easter bunny gifted me a set of these Stila creme blush/lip trios and I am loving applying it before I powder my skin.  It helps prolong my blush wear which is always nice at the end of a long day.  That Easter bunny is so thoughtful.

I'm not much of a contouring and mainly just use bronzer but lately I've been contouring using this Nars Laguna multiple and it is amazing!  I apply by making a line underneath my cheekbones and blend using my MAC 109 brush.   The product is creamy, long wearing, and not too dark on the skin.  If you are looking into contouring, I can't recommend this method enough!

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  1. Thanks for sharing all of your favorites! That foundation sounds great and I love the contouring stick. I don't have much experience, but surely I could find some good videos on-line to make it work. Hope you have a great weekend & good luck with your hair appointment. A change is always good. I've been in a bit of a hair rut lately, too. I'm hoping to schedule an appointment soon for an update :)


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