March 29, 2015

Weekend Photo Diary

We had another fun day at Disney this weekend!  This time we went back to Epcot with my mom and had a blast!  The weather was perfect and the crowds were amazingly low for this time of year so we could not have asked for a better day.  Disney World is a short drive for us so we have been loving our annual passes and Lucas really enjoys himself.  One of the things we asked ourselves before we bought our passes was whether it would be worth it for Lucas.  Well, he has definitely showed us that they were worth every penny!  He at first was a little unsure of the character, but this trip, he actually ran up to Donald while yelling DUCK!  We were so surprised and so glad we caught it on video!  He can also ride most of the attractions and would clap and say WOW a lot.  He melts my heart!

On Sunday, my mother in law watched Lucas for a couple hours while my husband and I went to see the movie Get Hard.  I don't even remember the last time I was at a movie theater.  We also did a couple errands that would normally take us all day since it is mostly spent running after a toddler.  One of the errands which wasn't even really an errand was heading to Homegoods to check out home decor.  I picked up a couple things for our bedroom dresser that seriously needs to be replaced.  We then headed out to the grocery store with Lucas so he could get his cookie.  After he demolished the cookie, he proceeded to have a meltdown because he wanted more.  Joy.  I think I sweat more than a marathon runner trying to tame my child from a sugar induced meltdown.  We still had a great weekend and hope everyone else did as well!

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  1. How fun! My husband and I were just watching something on T.V. about Disney World and all of the magic that goes on behind the scenes. It takes so much work to keep that place running! It made us really want to visit one day, probably after we have a baby ;)

    Love your sweatshirt in the last pic!


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