March 2, 2015

Back to Blogging

I've been a bad blogger but I'm back!  AND with a blogging schedule that I plan to stick to.  

Lately, I've been thinking that I've had an identity crisis.  I'm a mom, wife, attorney, daughter, sister, etc and felt like I lost a little bit of myself and I have no one to blame but myself.  With life's craziness, I felt like I was lost so I started thinking of things that make me happy.  One of those things is blogging and reading blogs.  

I've been so behind on reading some of my favorite blogs that when I started reading them again, a fire was lit.  And believe it or not, I even stopped shopping for myself.  Whenever I would even think about shopping, my shopping cart was magically filled with toddler boy clothes and then I just lost interest in looking for my clothes.  Now, with a blog schedule and changing little things here and there lifestyle-wise (jogging, eating healthier, etc) I hope to become a better me.  

Sweater: Loft {Similar}  /  Pants: Old Navy  /  Shoes: Nine West {Similar}  /  Bag: Louis Vuitton  /  Earrings: Kendra Scott  /  Ring: David Yurman  /  Necklace: Tiffanys


  1. Well welcome back Maria! I always miss the bloggers that I read on a regular basis, and yours was one of them. I kind of feel the same way though, in terms of feeling a little lost. Blogging has changed so much in the past year! Unless you do it full time or at least post every day, I feel like you don't get as much traffic. I don't plan on doing it as a job, so sometimes I feel out of place now. We just have to find our groove and feel happy with that :)

    1. 100% agree with the way blogging has changed. That's why I appreciate your blog so much because you have always stayed true. I think the reason why I feel like I'm in a rut blogging wise is because I also feel out of place.

  2. I can definitely relate, I hardly ever shop for myself anymore and I really need to rediscover my closet. Welcome back!

    1. I feel so uninspired by what's in store lately but then again, I don't remember when I was physically at a store since I shop mostly online. I'm hoping Spring and Summer inspires me more and gets me out of this style funk. But toddler clothes, they get me every time! lol


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