November 10, 2014

Busy Move

Sweater: J.Crew {Similar}  /  Shirt: Banana Republic {Similar}  /  Skirt: J.Crew {Similar}  /  Shoes: Stuart Weitzman  /  Bag: Coach Factory {Similar}

It's been an absolutely crazy two weeks which is why I've been quiet on this blog.  The week before last, I was hit with a nasty virus that kept me home for almost a week.  I don't remember being that sick in a long time.  Then, last Friday, we closed on our first home!  So I finally have my closet back, yay!  AND it's all in boxes, NOT so yay!  We are slowly getting everything in order and, although, it's been chaotic, it's been amazing all at the same time.


  1. Congrats on you new home! So exciting but a pain to be putting things back in order.


    1. Thank you! Ugh, I wish I had thrown more stuff away before the move!

  2. Congratulations on the house! You look so cute!

  3. You look SO pretty!! I love those bows, stripes and that yellow skirt!! I'm sorry to hear you've been so sick :( I hope your new house has been the perfect cure to making you feel better. Hope the unpacking process goes quickly :)


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