October 8, 2014


I promise I wasn't angry while taking these pictures contrary to my sour face above.  It was the first cold morning we've had this season and I realized that when packing up for our move, I put in storage all my warm clothes.  Luckily, our new home is days away from completion and I am thrilled!  For now though, I'm still working with my limited closet until I can unpack the rest out of storage.  

I've been loving black and camel colors together (seen here) and loved this look on Franziska.  Black and white will always be favorite color combos and it occurred to me that I've used the combination in lots of important aspects in my life (wedding, house, decor...)  I'm getting deep here, people...it's only Wednesday...

Sweater: J. Crew Factory  /  Dress: Old Navy {Similar}  /  Bag: Coach {Similar}  /  Necklaces: "L" Necklace (Jane.com) {Similar}, Gem Necklace (Gemmy Junky) 


  1. Happy to hear your home is almost done, how exciting! I'm loving your stripes!

  2. I hope that you will publish some photos from your new home :)
    You look very good in that outfit, the striped dress is wonderful.

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  3. Love this look, it's so soft and calming. Also, adore your necklace!

  4. I love the cardigan over the striped dress! Also, your jeweled necklace is gorgeous, I love the color with your hair!


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