August 12, 2014

To Panama or not to Panama...Hat

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A couple of weeks ago, my sister had sent me a link to a Cuyana Panama hat saying that even though she wasn't a hat person, she still wanted the hat.  After making the mistake of not purchasing two of the hats immediately (one for me and one for her), it has since sold out and I'm still wondering if I can pull off a Panama hat...I'm craving for one bad!  Below are some of my favorite picks.  What do you think about the Panama hat and can anyone pull it off?


  1. Yes! I think you need to get one! I am not a "hat person" either, but I just found the coolest hat at World Market for Fall. Now I can't wait to wear it although I hate to wish summer away here in Michigan.

  2. I love my J Crew Panama hat! It's the perfect hat for summer so I say, "Get one!!"


  3. I love mine! It's from Target, and I swear by it when I'm outside in the sun. I think you'd look adorable Maria! It does take getting used to, but I think eventually you'll love it :) Go for it!

  4. I went for it and bought one from Old Navy!

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