July 21, 2014

12 Months Old

Welp, this is my last Lucas update because Lucas is 12 months old!  I have a one year old...where did the year go?    This past Friday was his first birthday and it took everything in me not to cry.  He is now so interactive and talkative/babbles.  He says lots of "words" but he most likely does not know what they mean or direct them to one person.  He loves music, cars, blocks, Mickey's Clubhouse, and Jake the Pirate.  He walks like a little maniac and throws some serious tantrums.  I don't give into those so I don't want to reinforce the behavior but, man, has he perfected the art of a tantrum and it's usually because I won't let him play with something dangerous.  I know, bad mommy.  He still takes two a day and sleeps from 7:00 p.m.-6:45 a.m. throughout the night.  We're still working on regular food vs. purees but he sure does like to eat.  Overall, he's a great baby boy and we are all still so in love with him!  It's been an amazing year and it's been so much fun sharing these updates here.

His "prince" party was this past Saturday and I'll share some of those photos this week!

Crown: Made by me!  /  Shirt: Etsy  /  Shorts: Gap  /  Shoes: Sperry  /  Banner: Made by Me!


  1. Too precious!! Happy Birthday to the precious boy!


  2. OMG - these pictures are too cute! My son just turned 6 months and before I know I'm going to blink and he will be a year old! I think I will definitely cry. PS - Did you make that tissue paper garland?

  3. Happy birthday to Lucas! He looks so cute with his crown, and he has the prettiest eyes :) I hope his birthday was a good time!


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