June 23, 2014

Buttoned Up

We spent the entire weekend packing and unpacking up our old place so we are exhausted.  For a couple of months, we'll be living with my parents until our new home is finished building.  My husband did the majority of the work so that I could take care of Lucas.  Moving already stinks but moving with an 11 month old sucks.  Luckily, Lucas wasn't phased and my parents set up a pretty awesome playroom/nursery.  On a completely unrelated note, my pictures are uploading with a weird green/blue tint.  Does anyone using blogger know how to get rid of it?  Random.  See, my mind is all over the place.

Shirt: J.Crew Factory {Similar}  /  Sweater: GAP {Similar}  /  Pants: Old Navy  /  Shoes: Nine West  /  Bag: Louis Vuitton


  1. So glad to see your cute ootds again. You look great!

  2. Hmmm, I haven't noticed a weird tint when uploading. That's odd! I hope it's just a glitch that goes away! On another note, you look adorable. I agree with the above commenter: I love OOTD's :)


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