March 19, 2014

8 Months Old

Yesterday, Lucas turned 8 months old and it's another month filled with milestones.  He's crawling so fast, babbling tons, and now pulls and stands up on whatever and whomever he feels like.  We've had to lower his crib since he was pulling up on the bars making this mommy very anxious.

He and Mia are now best buds, well in his mind.  Mia has been amazing with him.  He will crawl intently towards her and she will either jump on the couch or let him pet her.  She has never snapped at him but we always have a hand near her face in case she does.  But she has been such a wonderful big {doggy} sister!

Thankfully, he is still wearing 12-18 and some, I mean very little, 6-12.  We went through a crazy growth spurt early on so I'm glad he's getting more wear of his clothes now.  Soon, he will be taking his first airplane trip and any words of encouragement are greatly appreciated!  I bought new toys that he hasn't played with to hopefully keep him entertained.  He's also really liking Puff snacks so I will have plenty in hand.


  1. I love the camo!!! He's adorable!

  2. I just can't with this little baby angel diva monster! When can I squeeze him again?! Is he able to travel alone yet?

  3. your little guy is so cute! But I miss seeing your outfits! More outfits please!

    1. Thank you for continuing to read my blog! I do intend to do more outfit posts now that I think I have a schedule down :-)


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