February 10, 2014

Weekend Firsts

The past two or so weeks I've been hit with major working mommy guilt...I mean epic meltdowns.  The catalyst was definitely when my mom, who watches him three days a week, called me at work and said I should call the pediatrician because Lucas was having a bad skin reaction after his 6 months shots.  The doctor's office recommended that he come in immediately to rule out anything serious.  Since I was still at the office, I tried my best to make it to the hospital but by the time I got to the doctor's office, Lucas was already seen.  I talked to the nurse and she told me it was nothing serious but I was boo hoo crying as if I missed his wedding.  Ever since then, it's been increasingly getting harder to leave him in the mornings; especially since he has learned how to wave goodbye...

Since my husband and I work together at the same firm, we are able to take nice lunches together and spend time together away from the office.  Therefore, weekends have become our time to get our Lucas fix.  The past couple of weekends have been weekends of firsts for my little guy.  He got his first haircut, started crawling, and played in the playground recently.  I tried to wait until he was a year old for his first haircut but that hair was getting unruly!  As much as I love his crazy hair, it was time for a little trim.  I am absolutely loving weekends and if you can't tell by now, I'm pretty obsessed with my boy and spending every second of every day with him!


  1. Lucas has the best boy accessories!! Love his hats, bandana bibs and shoes. He's styling with his new hair cut too :) Hope your week goes by quickly so you can spend Valentine's Day weekend with your guys.

  2. Aww...he is so adorable!! I know how you feel....my son's been in day care since he was 3 months old. I hate to tell you but it doesn't get easier. My son ask me why I can't pick him up early or volunteer for school - it makes me feel like such a bad mama.


  3. Cute and trendy!



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