December 13, 2013

The Men Behind Dainty & Decadent

Today is a very special day - it is the day my husband has allowed me to put pictures of him on my blog!  He's shy, you see, so it is rare to get an okay from him.  I guess he can't ever say no when it's pictures with our little guy.  When I saw these ties on flash sale at from The Littlest Prince Couture I knew I had to have them for my guys.  I hope they realize that it will be my personal goal to dress them alike for as long as I can.  

I love these photos because you can clearly see how much they love each other.  Lucas LOVES his daddy!  Whenever he's in the room, Lucas follows him with his eyes everywhere he goes.  Lucas loves playing with his daddy's ties and always yanks them down when daddy gives him a kiss. My heart is definitely full with these guys in my life.

And now, without further ado, the men behind Dainty & Decadent...


  1. awww these two are so adorable together! xo

  2. This is beyond sweet Maria :) I can tell they are the apples of each other's eye! And of course, they love you too!

  3. They are so adorable! Love the matching ties! :)

  4. SO sweet and adorable with their matching outfits!


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