November 1, 2013


Hard to believe that Halloween is over!  I love Halloween traditions such as the one I've been talking about for what seems like 6 posts in a row: dirt cup!  This year, I couldn't find any gummy worms so there were gummy bears in our dirt cups this year.  We also had fun dressing Lucas up as Superman!  Holidays are so special now with Lucas.  My mom always made holidays a big deal at our house and I want to do the same for Lucas.  In fact, I may have already started buying him Santa pajamas and other Christmas goodies...shhhhh don't tell my H...


  1. Lucas looks so cute as superman. It's fun to make holidays special, kids love it.

  2. So cute! My oldest was Superman for his first Halloween too! I'm fighting every urge to put up Christmas decor already, gets so much better with kids in the house!


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