October 18, 2013

Three Months Old

My baby is three months old today!  Ahhhh time needs to slow down!  I have a feeling I'll be saying this every month but this month has been the best!  He's gotten so big and his personality is really showing through.  Now that he's much more alert and awake most of the day, we've come to realize that we have a very active son.  Below are some of his monthly milestones.

I love his little hands!  In fact, so does he.  He's discovered his hands and loves stuffing his whole hands in his mouth.

Probably the biggest development is that he learned how to fully roll on his stomach and he is now a tummy sleeper.  The only problem is that he doesn't know how to roll from tummy to back so he wakes up screaming.  Ugh, any advice is more than welcomed!

He's discovered Mia and they love each other.  Mia worries when he cries which I think is the sweetest thing.  He also loves making faces.  He smiles and laughs so much!  It melts my heart to see him smile.

He now has a bedtime routine that involves bath, bottle, and bed.  He starts getting sleepy at the same time every night and will sleep for a whole 10-11 hours uninterrupted!  YAY SLEEP FOR ME AND H!!

Two of his favorites: Napping on daddy and clutching his blankie for dear life.  We both love the Aden Anais security blankets!

Check out this big boy sleeping in his crib!  He sleeps so much better and longer now! 10-11 hours of uninterrupted sleep and I am one happy momma!  I kept making excuses as to why he should stay sleeping in our room but H and our pediatrician convinced me to move Lucas to his own bed.  I selfishly miss him sleeping near me but he is sleeping better now and that makes me happy.  We removed the bumper we originally had in his bed and replaced it with mesh bumpers.  They came highly recommended from our doctor and are great for babies that like to stick their arms or legs through the crib bars like Lucas does.  Bumpers are controversial but I did my research before Lucas started sleeping in his crib which is why I removed the cloth bumpers.

This boy LOOOOOVES his Fisher Price kicking piano!  His favorite part is definitely looking at himself in the mirror.  He could stare at himself for hours.  I love this toy and highly recommend it!


  1. Awwww, what a little love bug! He's so cute! I love the picture of your hand and his, that's beautiful. I also love him with the doggy :) Dogs and babies, a match made in heaven!

  2. He is a doll..congrats to you both. So so sweet;)


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