October 23, 2013

Plaid Daze

Most of my posts lately have been about or with Lucas because, well...he's quite literally my whole world right now.  I've been back to work for about 5 weeks now but I still have not settled into a good morning routine.  Most mornings are spent running around trying to put on my makeup in 5 minutes and make a half decent/presentable pony tail in order to make it to work on time.  Before becoming a mom, I spent most every weekend lounging around the house and although I still do that, we are making an effort to get out more with the baby so he's not so cooped up anymore.  I admit that I was one of those mom's that never went out with the baby before his vaccinations so not that he's been vaccinated, we're having so much fun get him outside more often!

I mentioned on Monday that we skipped the fall festival this year because of the warmth and crowds, but I still wanted to get out of the house on Saturday.  Since Lucas is quite inquisitive these days and grabbing everything (my hair is his personal favorite), we went out for an evening walk and to my parents house for dinner.  As we were sitting on the bench, my husband noticed that Lucas had grabbed a little souvenir, a fallen leaf.  He stared down that leaf and would smile and laugh at it.  I love seeing his little personality coming through.  We have plans for more family outings this weekend and, hopefully, the weather is nice so he can wear more cardigans.  I mean, really?  Cardigans for babies?  I DIE.

Shirt: J. Crew {similar}  /  Sweater: F21 {similar}   /  Shorts: Loft
Lucas' outfit is from GAP


  1. I love his little cardigan, such a cute way to dress a baby boy :) Baby clothes are the best!

  2. So sweet! I think boy baby clothes have come so far in the last few years.


  3. I love cardigans for my boys! Well Jamey prefers athletic wear but Jack is a big fan....Gap and Target always have them! Lucas is getting so big and handsome!

  4. What a stylish little guy - I adore those Izod booties!

  5. I don't even like babies and I love seeing Lucas in your posts! So cute! And that baby cardigan...OMG.

    1. Hahahaha!! Thank you! Before Lucas, I wasn't a big baby person either but don't tell anyone ;-)


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