September 11, 2013

Quick Update

Just a quick blog update today to say that I am alive and made it through my first day back at the office (not without lots of tears of course!)  Time-wise, it's been nuts so I haven't had the time to prepare proper posts but outfit posts will finally be back!  I'm wearing real clothes now and not pajamas.  In the meantime, a gratuitous picture of Lucas called for the occasion :-)


  1. He is such a cutie. Glad to read you made it through your first day at work.

  2. Lol, so cute! Looking forward to reading more! Congrats on your first day of work!

  3. Ah!!! The first day. Glad you survived :)

  4. Glad you survived the 1st day back to work. I am not sure that it gets easier. They just grow up too fast and I want to just hug & kiss my son all day long.



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