August 19, 2013

One Month Old

My baby turned one month old yesterday!  It feels like only two weeks that he's been here.  I tried to take a monthly picture but I believe the above picture is definitely one of those "nailed it" moments!  He screamed in the basket and in the chair so the idea in my head to have a cute pinterest-like monthly photo quickly vanished.  But that's my baby that I love so much!  In a month, my life has changed dramatically but for the best.  It's amazing how much has changed but crazy still that I have a baby in my life.  He has so much personality-always smiling, sleeps a lot, and pees constantly!  He currently sleeps in five hour stretches which is awesome.  Lucas is our little sunshine.  Happy one month birthday, sweet boy!


  1. Lovely and also funny photos!

  2. So cute! Ugh I try for those pin worthy photos too but it's so hard to get a baby to pose and cooperate. I don't know how people do it!

  3. Happy one month! It seems to go so fast!

  4. So precious! Time goes by so fast!

  5. Can't take it. So sweet! I Miss my lil' lady bean being that small!


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