August 7, 2013

Life Lately Through My Iphone

It's been an eye opening couple of weeks (literally, I haven't I slept in days).  Lucas will be three weeks old on Thursday and I can't believe that even three weeks have gone by!  I've been obsessed with him.  I love spending this time with him and learning his personality.  I'm torn going back to work because I will miss him but there's a small part of me that looks forward to dressing up again...a very small part.  Here's a little snippet of my life as of lately.

My sister, Adri, got Lucas this Yankee cap and a baby Jeter tee.  He's still too small to wear it but I just had to snap a picture of him swimming in the cap - too cute!

My other sister, Melisa, came to visit and assisted in Lucas' newborn photo shoot that she so sweetly gifted us.  I'm so excited to see the photos!  Lucas is probably not going to be thrilled that I posted his little baby buns on the internet but this was too cute not to post.  He was such a trooper that day and the photographer was amazing with him!

Lucas had his first shot and the doctor removed his cord stump.  He could not stop making this face!  Needless to say, he was in shock...

My husband and I celebrated three years of marriage together this past week.  My mother in law watched Lucas while my husband and I went out to dinner and I manage to not cry leaving him.  Yes, I am one of those moms!  It surprises me more than anyone.  The first week out of the hospital, I was a crying hormonal mess so my husband took me out to lunch just to get out of the house - I end up crying because I was sad leaving Lucas behind - hormones, whoa.

The best way to take a nap.  I love when he falls asleep with me.  I'm spoiling him...I know.  You know I'm sleep deprived if I'm posting a makeup free face on the internet.

When we're not napping, I'm lightly working so that I don't fall behind.  My office has been awesome letting me have this time with Lucas but every once in awhile I do a little bit of work here and there.  Lucas has been such a helpful assistant.

Consoling him at the doctor's office.  He hates being naked so swaddling him is necessary.  Spoiled I tell ya.

 My love.


  1. these pictures just make my heart smile. he is so precious!!

  2. Awww congats!! I wish you all the joy!

    Many hugs!!!


  3. What a sweetie! Love the shot of you cradling him at the doctor's office :)


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