July 16, 2013

39 Weeks Preggo Update

Hopefully, this will be the last of my updates since I'm in my final week of pregnancy!  Some days I feel like the time passed by way too fast but most times I feel like I've been pregnant forever.  Unfortunately, the last two weeks have sucked.  I've experienced all the yucky and uncomfortable pregnancy symptoms and then some.  On Saturday, I went to the hospital because my contractions were 5-6 minutes apart but being only 1 cm dilated and 50% effaced, I was sent home.  Now, it looks like I'm having a long prelabor.  Ugh.
My original plan was to work right up until my water breaks, however, I'm now working from home until I'm off maternity leave.  I'm kind of a workaholic so I fear that I'll lose my mind but the health of my baby is the most important thing to me right now.  Thankfully, even though I feel really crappy, Lucas is healthier than ever!

Weight Gain?:  I've gained a total of about 35 pounds.

Maternity Clothes?:  I'm mostly wearing dresses now and my husband's work out clothes at night! Ha!

Symptoms?:  Ugh, yuck.  Very crampy and uncomfortable.

Sleep?:  Sleep is non existent because of my hip pain.  I started using the Snoogle more and that really helps!

Do I miss anything?:  Not being uncomfortable.

Movement?:  He's run out of room so his cute little kicks are now like a slow Matrix like move.

Anything making you sick or queasy?:  I still can't stand air fresheners.

Food cravings?:  Chocolate chip cookies and home cooked meals.

Have you started to show?:  YES.

Boy or a Girl?:  Boy!

Best Moment This Week?:  Realizing that in a couple of days I'll get to meet my lil man!  This past weekend, I picked up lots of cute little things for his newborn photos that I'm so excited about as well!

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  1. Hope this last week goes well and you meet your little man soon!

    xx Amy
    Leopard and Lillies

  2. I am so excited! I can't wait! I know what u mean about working. When i was delivering my second child, i had just graduated college ( a week before!), had a very small toddler at home, worked at two family owned companies (one just up on its newborn feet itself ) a hard working husband with a very odd schedule, and we were buying a house!
    Take care of yourself! Hang on because your in for a fun ride!

  3. oh honey i feel you! i'm just two weeks behind you and i am RIGHT THERE - my hips are hurting so badly!!! girl, you LOOK amazing and your lil man will be here in no time!!!!

  4. I do recall the last few weeks of pain myself. But it won't last right?! :) Love that you could use the dress the whole time, how awesome is that!

  5. Oh Maria... you need to have that baby already! ;) Mopping the floors and shoveling for my winter baby did the trick to start labor. ;)


  6. I hope the baby is here soon! I'm sure the last weeks are super uncomfortable! Good luck with everything Maria!

  7. I hope he comes soon, so that you can be comfortable again.:) It's all totally worth it though and believe it or not, one day you'll miss this stage. You know feeling his kicks and movement inside of you. Good luck!!

  8. Awwwww more power Maria.....take care & have a blessed one!!!!


  9. Pelvic tilts! Here's a good video. I know you're almost there, but it might provide some relief in the final days here. They helped me a ton. Good luck!


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