June 5, 2013

Lucas' Nursery Room

WARNING: Picture heavy post!  It's Lucas' nursery room post today so I apologize ahead for the super sappiness about to happen ;-)  For Lucas' nursery, I wanted to not have a theme but wanted certain colors like blues, orange, gray, and green to be in there somehow.  For the furniture, the armoire is from Pier One but everything else is from Target and I'm happy with the quality.  Lucas won't be sleeping in the crib from the get go as we'll be using a bassinet in our room but I feel the quality and price of the crib was awesome.  The walls are gray, even though the pictures make the color look green, and everything else is pretty simple.  I hate clutter and know that when he's here, it may get chaotic so the less I have in the room the better.  Although, baby's have tons of stuff!  Now onto the photos...

My husband was a total superstar when it came to the nursery!  I can honestly say that I had about 5% effort and claim to anything done in the nursery.  He knew what I liked and wanted and completely rocked it!  Not only did he paint the walls, put up all the picture frames, and build the furniture but he also made the Lucas sign and two little bookends!  He's so excited for Lucas and I know he will be the best daddy to him.  I wanted to incorporate my husband's interests in the room as well so I put up a framed picture of him taken during a high school football game.  He was after all named "All State!" - I still don't know what that means shhhhhhhhh....

My sister got Lucas the cutest little back pack with his name engraved on it.  So cute!  Lucas already has a shoe collection so I just placed all of them under the changing table.  To the side of the armoire, I'm keeping the baby bags.  My sister bought me a Petunia Pickle Bottom bag and my husband bought me the Marc by Marc Jacobs baby bag.   The only thing that my husband and I disagreed on in the whole room were the polka dot bins under the changing table - he hates them and I love them.

Here's the only contribution I made - the silhouette frames.  I made them in photoshop using photos of me and my husband.  My husband made the bookends using ceramic sports balls for weight.  The video monitor was a gift from my cousin, Rocio, and sister, Melisa.

Aww, the closet!  Who knew I'd have so much fun buying boy clothes?  Okay, everyone should have known I would have no problem shopping for clothes.  Baby Gap is by far my favorite store.  I can honestly say that I have never paid full price for any of his clothes.  I always wait for the 30-40% off on sales and have scored the cutest sweaters for like $2!  I've never spent more than $10 on a single piece of clothes for him.


That little moose hat is up there on accident but being there will remind me to stick it in my hospital bag.  I'm not a Star Wars fan (no offense to those who are!) but I thought the little metal vintage frames Timmy's brother gave him were cute so up they went on the wall.  We're keeping all the pacifiers we've gotten in the little glass container.  The football helmet is a night light. The blue album is one my mom made me for  mother's day and makes me tear up every time my eye catches sight of it.  On top of the album are all the cards we got at the shower and a little baby soap my Aunt made for shower guests.  The scroll in front of the picture frame is probably one of the sweetest and clever gifts ever - it's a scroll to put the birth certificate in and has Lucas's full name engraved on the outside.  Our sweet family friend gave this to us and I will certainly treasure it!

 That's it!  I doubt it will stay this clean for long but at least I'll have photo evidence that at one point it was clean.  If anyone has links to their baby's nursery post, I'd love to see it!  I never thought I'd be the baby gaga person but I've become one of those women :-)


  1. Lucas is one lucky kid! The nursery looks great!!!


  2. I love the color scheme and that wall color is perfect! That armoire is a beauty. That's so sweet that your H got into it and helped out as much as he did. I love shopping the sales at baby gap too, can't bring myself to pay full price on something she's going to grow out of in 3 months; well unless I absolutely love it.

  3. The nursery is so cute! I love the banner painted on the wall that says Lucas!

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  4. y'all did a great job with the nursery! I also have that same diaper bag :)

  5. Baby Lucas is a lcuky baby to have such great parents. You guys did a great job in the room and I Love how every little detail is so personal and special.

    Can't wait to meet baby Lucas (via internet)...

  6. Aw it is darling, very chic and comfy nursery. Great job to you both.



  7. His room is just precious. It almost makes me want another baby. *almost* ;)

  8. Looks awesome! I love that little backpack! Where is it from? Pottery Barn? I need one for Jamey...he's starting school soon! Everything is so beautiful and I'm a HUGE star wars fan and I we made sure and out something up in our boys rooms.

  9. How exciting Maria!! Just think... he's almost here!!! That's just amazing and I am so excited for your next post when you have Lucas Pictures to share!!


  10. It's gorgeous Maria! I love the banner with his name! I have a feeling I'll be shopping at target a lot when I get pregnant! Although I do a lot now anyway :) you guys did a wonderful job!

  11. Aww, what a beautiful room! I love the soft color palette. And, can we talk about that closet?! It's bigger than mine! :) Lucas is one lucky little man.

    xo Jenny

  12. Oh my goodness!! The nursery turned out AMAZING, Maria! I am obsessed with the color scheme! You all did a wonderful job!

    xo, Jordan


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